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Product updates

Understanding the Nuance of PDF/A Archiving Formats: Spotlight on PDF/A-1 vs. PDF/A-2 in the PDF Tools Conversion Service

Product updates

With Web Client testing conversion service is now even easier

We have made it even easier for you to test and evaluate the 4-Heights® Conversion Service – with a Web Client. Now you can try out the GUI client of Conversion Service conveniently in your browser and without installati ...

Product updates

Streamline Document Management: Combine Documents Multiple Sources into a Single, Archive-Ready PDF Portfolio using the PDF Tools Conversion Service Dossier Workflow

Product updates

New workflow in Conversion Service: Invoice PDF/A-3

As announced in the May issue, we present the “Invoice” workflow of our 4-Heights® Conversion Service in more detail today.

Product updates

New workflow in Conversion Service: Archive PDF/A-3

Like the existing and more restricted "Archive PDF/A-2" workflow, the "Archive PDF/A-3" workflow is specially designed to prepare documents for archiving.


Maximize Efficiency with Advanced Document Conversion: Streamline Your Enterprise Workflow

Product updates

Pdftools SDKs and Shell components development

We have also been diligently developing our current product line. This year with a special focus on simplifying integration and supporting new standards. The following innovations are particularly noteworthy.

Product updates

PDF Toolbox SDK

As we approach the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, we would like to share our most recent product update, concerning PDF manipulation for mass-editing and mass-creation of PDF/A-compliant documents. One of our c ...

Product updates

Try PDF Web Viewer now for free and unlimited time

You can now conveniently test our 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer and the underlying PDF Viewing SDK without a license key and for unlimited time. You can obtain the software package via both our website and On "My ...

Product updates

Form Filling and Stamping in the PDF Web Viewer

Earlier this year we have launched our brand new 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer, the successor of the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer. Now we are proud to announce the arrival of two new features: PDF page stamps and form field fil ...

Product updates

All new from the inside: The PDF Web Viewer

Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in the use of web browsers as a new standard client platform, being available on almost any device and any operating system. Three years ago, we have responded to the need of ...

Product updates

Prioritize PDF conversion speed or file size in the Conversion Service

The Conversion Workflow is designed to convert Office, image, text, email, and ZIP archive files to PDF. Existing PDF files can also be processed.

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