Conversion Service

High-volume document processing made easy

Conversion Services is a flexible document solution that integrates seamlessly with popular enterprise platforms such as SAP and Workday. Transform and optimize high volumes of documents with ease, backed by top notch tech support.
Windows Client
Shell tool (command line)

Seamlessly runs on-premise and in the cloud in <60 seconds

Advanced features

Digital signing, compression, and the ability to merge documents into PDF dossiers


Generate ISO compliant PDF/A files in high volume for long-term accessibility

Enterprise-grade automation

Automation through email, watched folders, and REST API for unparalleled efficiency

Highly scalable

Effortlessly process millions of documents in alignment with your business time frames

Tailored for key verticals

Ideal for Financial Services and Banking, Government Archives, and Insurances - we cover your use case

Conversion at scale

Convert a broad spectrum of file types, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, to meet your needs.

Just 3 steps to perfection

Input - Millions of documents

Send all kinds of documents to the Conversion Service, including:

  • MS Office documents

  • Image files

  • PDF or PDF/A files

  • Emails

  • ZIP or text files

Step 1

Scalable conversion

Maximize efficiency with scalable conversion capabilities:

  • Add stamps (watermarks)

  • Assemble invoices from raw data

  • Convert to PDF/A for archiving

  • Digitally sign the PDF

  • Merge multiple documents into a PDF dossier

  • Optimize for speed or file size

  • Perform OCR

  • Validate and repair PDF files

Step 2

Deliver - Millions of documents

Deliver your archive-ready PDF files to:

  • Your API

  • Watched folders

  • Shell client

  • GUI client

  • Mailbox

  • Send email (output only)

Step 3
6,000+ companies already love Pdftools

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PDF Excellence: No Watermarks, Full Support

Enjoy optimal results, and connect with exceptional support. Experience Pdftools—where your unique needs meet tailored pricing quotes.
Swift document processing with optimal results
Swift document processing with optimal results
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements

Why Pdftools

Swiss efficiency

Rooted in Switzerland, we power the daily processing of millions of documents, a testament to our efficiency.

Industry trusted

Pdftools is the preferred choice of leading healthcare, insurance, and legal companies, as well as governments worldwide.

Raving reviews

Our SourceForge rating highlights Pdftools’ exceptional performance and features.

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