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Conversion Service

The Conversion Service is a comprehensive on-premises solution for automating your document processes. It takes input documents of different formats from various sources and processes them according to your use case to produce high-quality PDF/A documents. Its robust client/server architecture provides high availability and stability, allowing you to access the service via a powerful REST API (HTTP or HTTPS).


To learn more about how you can convert documents as part of an automated document workflow, see how the Conversion Service works.

Key features

  • High throughput job processing
  • Specialized workflows: Archive PDF/A-2, Archive PDF/A-3, Archive PDF/A-1, Conversion, Invoice, Dossier
  • Multiple configuration profiles for each workflow
  • Convenient conversion configurator
  • Watched folder
  • Activity and job processing statistics
  • Logging and monitoring

Compatible operating systems

The Conversion Service is available for the following operating systems:

VersionBit version
Windows Server 2016x64
Windows Server 2019x64
Windows Server 2022x64

If you plan to convert Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to PDF with the Conversion Service, you need a valid Office 365 or Microsoft 365 for Business license. For more information, see MS Office conversion.