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As we approach the beginning of the second quarter of 2021, we would like to share our most recent product update, concerning PDF manipulation for mass-editing and mass-creation of PDF/A-compliant documents. One of our customers’ success stories describes an actual use case scenario, where our product PDF Toolbox was implemented to help create Swiss adoptions of European and international standards. Our second success story illustrates how validation and document conversion to PDF/A can work together to archive digital documents in a legally compliant manner.

PDF Toolbox SDK: Precise PDF Manipulation

4-­Heights™ PDF Toolbox SDK is a fast, high-quality, PDF/A-compliant component to programmatically create PDF documents from scratch, add and extract any content, such as text and images to/from existing PDFs and assemble PDF documents (merge and split). Thanks to its various interfaces, this SDK can be used with Java, C/C++, .NET Core and .NET languages such as C# and Visual Basic. It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

This advanced component is all about fine granular PDF manipulation at the document, page and object level. Here is a short overview of its main features:

  • Forms and Annotations: Create, fill and extract forms programmatically. Add, modify and extract annotations.

  • Edit PDF: Change PDF documents. Add additional information, such as a stamp, image or text or remove text from a PDF.

  • Create PDF: Programmatically create PDF/A-compliant documents and new pages with any content. Make a new PDF or merge them with your existing PDFs. Some of the most common areas of use for these advanced developer features include mass production of invoices and reports, PDF creation “on the fly” in web server applications, “save as PDF/A” function in application programs, importing images and text in PDF/A documents. Even though the 4­-Heights™ PDF Toolbox SDK is the successor of the 3­-Heights™ PDF Toolbox API, all main product features and use cases remain the same.

The main differences are a simpler and clearer use of terminology that causes less ambiguity and an interface that is more intuitive and easier to use. The additional focus on simplicity is an important characteristic of our 4-­Heights™ product generation.

There are also smaller improvements made in terms of performance like the ability to copy multiple pages and page ranges all at once; and jointly opening PDF and FDF files at the same time.

PDF Toolbox SDK: Upcoming Features

In case you are using our 3-Heights® PDF Toolbox API, please note that this product is still 100% functional and up to date. However, our upcoming features will only be available on the newest version: 4-­Heights™ PDF Toolbox SDK.

Some of these upcoming features include:

  • Creation of both internal and external link destinations

  • Creation of text markup annotations: strike-through, underline and highlight annotations, etc.

If you are interested in migrating from 3-­Heights™ to 4-­Heights™ for this specific product, please get in touch with our technical support. Migrating is simple with the assistance of our migration guides, migration script (source code migration) and also due to the fact that the interface structure remains the same.

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