Prioritize PDF conversion speed or file size in the Conversion Service

The Conversion Workflow is designed to convert Office, image, text, email, and ZIP archive files to PDF. Existing PDF files can also be processed.

The Conversion Workflow is available in all editions of the Conversion Service as of Feature Release 2.8.0. Users can choose to optimize the workflow for either processing speed or file size. This workflow should be used when the result does not have to be a PDF/A, i.e. when archiving is not necessary. This workflow is ideal for interactive applications where a user or downstream system is waiting for the converted document, as it is much faster than other workflows. Additionally, it produces a document that is smaller in size, which is useful when storage capacity is limited, such as for hosting or web transmission.

The conversion workflow at a glance:

  • Conversion of Office, image and text files, emails and ZIP archives to PDF.

  • Existing PDF files can also be processed.

  • Unlike the two archive workflows, the Conversion Workflow is designed to generate PDF (and not PDF/A).

  • OCR is available as an optional processing step.

Additional settings for child documents

It may happen that an input document has other documents embedded in it or attached to it, so-called child documents. Classic examples are email attachments or embedded tables in Word documents. The Convert Mode of the Conversion Service determines how child documents are processed. The Collect Mode specifies how the child documents should be arranged in the main document.

In Convert Mode, for each file type of both the main document and the child document, you can set how the child document should be processed.

  • Convert: Convert to PDF

  • Skip: Document will be skipped and will not be included in the output document

  • As is: Document will be kept in original file format

Collect Mode determines how the child documents are placed in the converted main document depending on the file format.

  • Merge: Child documents will be merged with the main document (same outline level)

  • Attach: Child documents will be placed under the main document as attachments

  • Merge or attach: Documents will be merged (see "Merge") if the child document has been converted (setting "Convert" in Convert Mode). Otherwise, the child document will be attached in its original format (see "Attach").

  • Collection: PDF folder with equal document attachments as PDF or in source format.

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