New workflow in Conversion Service: Invoice PDF/A-3

As announced in the May issue, we present the “Invoice” workflow of our 4-Heights® Conversion Service in more detail today.

As the name implies, the workflow is engineered specifically for creating invoices. The "Invoice" workflow converts source documents, which contain the visual representation of the invoice, to PDF/A-3 and attaches one or more files to the result.

This workflow combines all input documents in a single PDF/A-3 file with the following benefits:

  • 1 file = 1 invoice

  • The conformance to the PDF/A-3 standard guarantees the unambiguous visual reproduction of the document.

  • Supports the attachment of matching machine-readable XML to create ZUGFeRD (versions 1.0 – 2.1) invoices for automated processing.

  • The invoice can be digitally signed to ensure authenticity and integrity of the invoice.

  • Other optional attachments for justifying the invoice or to supply additional information.

The main file containing the visual representation of the invoice can either be a Microsoft Word Document or an existing PDF document.

Attachment examples:

  • Matching, machine-readable XML to create invoices according to the ZUGFeRD standard, ready for automated processing.

  • An Excel or CSV table containing detailed additional information to justify the invoice, e.g. an itemized statement for phone bills or meter data for electricity bills.

  • Information material or advertising

  • A document containing data that was used to derive a visual presentation such as a table or a graph.

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