Conversion Service Feature Update: Dossier Workflow

The 4-Heights® Conversion Service is designed to automate document processing and therefore offers workflows for different use cases. The Conversion Service can be thought of as a factory with several production lines (workflows). A production line consists of a series of processing steps (e.g. validate, OCR, convert, merge, sign etc.). Most steps can be adjusted to individual needs by configuring one or more setups (profiles) for each production line. A profile defines which processing steps to activate and what options to use.

We currently provide five workflows: Archive PDF/A-2, Archive PDF/A-3, Invoice, Dossier and Conversion. In the upcoming Feature Release 2.11.0 of the 4-Heights® Conversion Service we introduce a functionality update for the "Dossier" workflow. The feature release will be published in mid-September.

The "Dossier" workflow is specifically designed to compile multiple PDF documents into a single dossier. The workflow supports the creation of bookmarks to structure the dossier. It additionally generates and customizes a clickable table of contents on the first page(s) of the assembled document. Text stamps can also be applied to the dossier pages to add document headers, footers, watermarks and more.

Text stamps to create headers, footers and watermarks offer the following functionality:

  • Font, font style, font size, text color and text opacity can be set.

  • Each stamp can be freely positioned on the document by configuring distances to the page borders and its orientation angle.

  • Placeholders are provided to add page number, total page count, document title, as well as page number and total page count of the original document part as a subdocument.


  • Create a header of the form " Company ABC – Title of the document part"

  • Create page numbering in the footer like "Page 1 of 13"

  • Create a watermark with low opacity stamped diagonally over all pages, e.g. "Confidential"

The optionally generated table of contents can be customized in many ways:

  • It can be selected up to which level bookmarks are indexed and clickable in the table of contents, e.g. only top level bookmarks or including 2nd and 3rd level bookmarks as well.

  • Each entry consists of a clickable title and the corresponding page number. The style of the tab leader between the title of the document sub-section and page number can be adjusted.

  • The title of the table entry can be edited for each document, and it can also differ from the bookmark title or document title

  • Font, font style, font size, indentation width can be defined for each bookmark level.

  • The title of the table of contents can be customized dynamically.

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