Introducing the Conversion Service Product

Imagine your customer service department receiving numerous documents from different sources via e-mail. How do you ensure that these documents can be processed without extensive manual effort? You harmonize your documents by converting them to PDF and optimizing them for further processing (e.g. appending additional information). Imagine that you also have an archive for storing your business documents. How do you ensure that they are all stored in a legally compliant manner? That they will remain legible in the rapidly changing IT landscape for years to come? You could convert your documents to PDF/A and optimize them for storage in the archive, for example by making them searchable. These and many other scenarios can be automated with our first 4-Heights® product: the 4-Heights® Conversion Service is the central hub for your company and can be easily integrated into your existing document processes. Further scenarios, such as quality control or dossier creation, are currently being developed.

Case Study: Archiving

Documents stored in an archive must meet certain criteria. On the one hand, these requirements could be of a purely technical nature (e.g. using minimal storage space, while at the same time ensuring high quality), but on the other hand, they could be mandatory by law in order to be legally valid (e.g. documents being displayed with the exact same appearance on all devices, even in several years from now).

To achieve this, it is recommended to convert your documents to PDF/A. This conversion ensures all required fonts are embedded and dynamic or malicious content is removed. At the same time, the file size can be reduced by removing redundant data, font subsetting or other compression methods.

It is particularly important to use a high-quality converter that can handle complex documents and use intelligent compression methods because the PDF standard is very extensive and not always clear. In addition, the removal of content is a delicate matter. If not done correctly, it can lead to corrupt or non-compliant output documents, missing content or even blurred images if the compression is done poorly or too aggressively.

There are several tools on the market that cover these individual steps. But there is only one tool which has been specially developed for this particular use case, masters all the above steps with the highest quality and is ready to use with minimal integration and configuration efforts: the 4-Heights® Conversion Service with the archiving workflow.

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