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Invoice workflow

This workflow is engineered specifically for preparing invoices. This workflow converts a main document to PDF/A-3 and attaches one or more files to the result. For example, you can attach an Excel table containing additional data to a PDF invoice.

The workflow supports these features:

  • Conversion to PDF/A-3 format
  • Additional document attachments
  • Office conversion (optional)
  • Digital signatures (optional)

Supported file formats for Invoice workflow

This workflow only supports PDF and MS Word as input format.

Convert to PDF/A-3

This workflow has been optimized for the conversion of transactional documents. It supports conversion of Word and PDF documents to PDF/A-3.

Attach documents

To attach additional documents to a main document, all documents must be added to a single job.

The documents to attach and additional properties can be set using the following document options. These values are written into the result document and are visible to a user in the list of attached documents.

DOC.ROLERequiredDefines the document's role.
Supported values are:
  • main (default): The main document. In each job, there must be one main document.
  • attached: A document that is attached to the main document. There may be multiple attached documents in a job.
AF.RELATIONSHIPOptionalDefines the relationship of the attached document to the main document.
Supported values are:
  • Unspecified (default): Used when the relationship is not known or cannot be described using one of the other values.
  • Source: Used if the attached document is the original source material for the main document.
  • Data: Used if the attached document represents information used to derive a visual presentation - such as for a table or a graph.
  • Alternative: Used if the attached document is an alternative representation of content, for example audio.
  • Supplement: Used if the attached document represents a supplemental representation of the original source or data that may be more easily consumable (e.g., A MathML version of an equation).
AF.MODDATEOptionalDefines the date and time when the attached document was last modified.
Example: "2009-05-19T09:15:22.0000000+02:00"
AF.DESCRIPTIONOptionalDescriptive text associated with the attached document.

Example of the workflow

This example uses the shell client to attach supplement.xls to the main document invoice.docx.
Note that the -do ‹name› ‹value› option applies a document option to the subsequent input file.

C:\Temp> pdfclient -v -w Invoice invoice.docx ^
-do DOC.ROLE attached -do AF.RELATIONSHIP Supplement supplement.xls ^
Creating job (id job123_4q5mprmmrz0)
Adding file "invoice.docx" (id 0kk1ddv0uzg)
Adding file "supplement.xls" (id 2fg4ufg3qmz)
Output: "invoice.pdf"
- Info: Converted Word document 'invoice.docx' to PDF.
- Info: Converted 'invoice.pdf' to PDF/A-3u.
- Info: Attached file 'supplement.xls' to 'invoice.pdf'.