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Integrate the Conversion Service

The Conversion Service can be integrated into your system using multiple interfaces depending on your specific requirements. There are several ways you can integrate the service, depending on your installation:

  • Watched folder connector: Automatically convert documents copied to a pre-configured input folder to a pre-configured output folder. Recommended for integrating with file-share architectures. Suited for interactive and manually triggered processing.
  • Shell client: Easy-to-use shell tool. Recommended for integrating using scripts. Suited for automated and manually triggered processing.
  • REST API: Web service interface. Recommended for integrating into your existing application (Enterprise Application Integration). Suited for automated and manually triggered processing from within your application.
  • PDF client: Easy-to-use graphical user interface. Recommended for testing and familiarizing yourself with the Conversion Service. Suited for manually triggered processing only.
  • Plugins: Plugins are non-standard components used for extending the Conversion Service with custom workflows.
  • Office Add-in: Simple way for converting documents directly from an Office Application. A Conversion Service button is added to the toolbar, through which the conversion can be started immediately.

Install the client

The ConversionService-Client.msi offers a standalone installation for the client applications. For automated installations, the SERVICE_URL property can be used to preconfigure the service URL of the Conversion Service.

msiexec /i ConversionService.msi SERVICE_URL=http://localhost:13033/conversion/v1.0/rest 

The installation of the Office Add-in can be disabled in the installer.

Office Add-ins are enabled in the ConversionService-Client.msi. This adds a Conversion Service button to Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint application toolbars.


To integrate with an existing system processes, you can configure your Conversion Service to use connectors to process multiple files.