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Migrating from 3-Heights® Document Converter

This guide explains how to migrate your existing 3-Heights® Document Converter installation to the Conversion Service.

Before you begin

Before you start to migrate to the Conversion Service, check that your system meets the system requirements for the Conversion Service.


Since the Conversion Service is a completely redesigned product, there may not be a Conversion Service-equivalent feature for some 3-Heights® Document Converter features.

It is recommended that you check feature compatibility first.

To learn more about how the Conversion Service compares to the 3-Heights® Document Converter, see the high-level architecture and integration options.

Formats supported by the Conversion Service

The input and output formats depend on the specific workflow used in the Conversion Service. For more information on workflows and how they compare to the 3-Heights® Document Converter functionality, see Job and document processing in the Conversion Service.

Depending on the specific workflow, nested files and attachments can be processed by the Conversion Service.

Installing the Conversion Service

The Conversion Service has an MSI installation package to install the service on your infrastructure.

There are differences in the default folder locations, and how log files and configuration files are named and handled between the Conversion Service and 3-Heights® Document Converter.

Configuring the Conversion Service

The Conversion Service uses a Configurator to set up profiles, i.e. settings, for the pre-defined workflows.

To help you translate 3-Heights® Document Converter options to the Conversion Service settings, see Job and document processing options.

Integrating with the Conversion Service

The Conversion Service can be integrated into your system using multiple interfaces depending on your specific requirements. Many of the integrations offered with the 3-Heights® Document Converter are available also for the Conversion Service. See Integrations.

Need further assistance?

If you require additional information on how to migrate your specific installation and setup to the Conversion Service, please contact Pdftools Support.