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PDF Web Viewer

PDF Web Viewer is a compact, high performance, viewer for PDF documents, offering a multitude of navigational and display options. It lets you add PDF viewing and annotating functionality to your application. PDF Web Viewer runs in a web browser, or in a JavaScript, WebAssembly container.


For more details, see the Developer guide.

Getting started

Run PDF Web Viewer in a web browser locally using npm.

  1. Install the PDF Web Viewer package:

    npm i @pdf-tools/four-heights-pdf-web-viewer
  2. Download or clone the sample repository.

  3. Navigate to a sample at /examples/vanilla-typescript/view-pdf/.

  4. Install webpack:

    npm install webpack-cli --save-dev
  5. Build the project:

    npm run build
  6. Run the server:

    npm run dev
  7. Open http://localhost:4567/ in your browser.


Run other samples in the same way. See the /examples directory for more samples in the downloaded or cloned sample repository.

See the full installation guide on npmjs website. This guide also includes the license key details.