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PDF Viewer SDK

PDF Viewer SDK is a compact, high performance viewer for PDF files, offering a multitude of navigational and display options. It lets you add PDF viewing and annotating functionality to your application. PDF Viewer SDK runs in a web browser, or in a JavaScript, WebAssembly container.

Supported input and output file formats

  • PDF 1.x (PDF 1.0, …, PDF 1.7)
  • PDF 2.0
  • PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3
  • FDF


  • ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7)
  • ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0)
  • ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1)
  • ISO 19005-2 (PDF/A-2)
  • ISO 19005-3 (PDF/A-3)

Supported browsers

All the following version numbers represent the minimal supported version. The plus + after the version number signifies that this or a higher version of a browser is supported.

  • Chrome 63+
  • Firefox 55+
  • Edge 41+
  • Safari 11.03+


  • Responsive UI with no external dependencies and support for mobile devices.
  • Navigate manually (user action) or programmatically through a document.
  • Select among six different layout modes for one-page and facing-pages viewing.
  • Select different fit modes: actual size, fit to width, fit to page.
  • Pre-configure allowed zoom levels.
  • Rotate the page display.
  • Search the document for a given text.
  • User interface in is pre-configured in languages such as English, German, French, Italian and you can also use a custom translation.
  • Display thumbnails and use them for navigation.
  • Show the document outline (bookmarks) and use it for navigation.
  • Show annotations and use them for navigation.
  • Annotations and form fields can be filtered before saving to PDF or Forms Data Format (FDF).
  • Fill out form fields (check boxes, radio buttons, list boxes, drop-down lists, text fields).
  • Create, edit, and delete annotations.
    • Sticky-note annotations.
    • Text highlight annotations (highlight, strike out, underline, squiggly).
    • Text annotations.
    • Free-hand drawings.
    • Eraser tool for deleting individual lines in free-hand drawings.
    • Predefined text stamp annotations (for example: draft, approved).
    • Use pages of a PDF as stamp annotations.
    • Use an image as stamp annotation.
    • Rectangle and ellipse annotations.
  • Touch handling for mobile devices.
  • Enter password to open encrypted PDF documents.
  • Read document from file, URL or blob.
  • Support loading and storing annotations in the FDF.
  • Prevent the modification and deletion of all annotations except for a configured author.
  • Viewing-only mode with annotation editing and filling disabled.
  • Print a document.
  • Easy evaluation without the necessity of a license key.
  • Available on npmjs.

Some sections such as Version history, or How to Migrate from 3-Heights® are still only available in PDF Viewer legacy documentation and are not yet migrated to this documentation.