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The Conversion Service can be integrated into an existing system by combining suitable input and output connectors. You configure your system to use connectors using the Conversion Service Configurator.

There are two types of connector:

  • Input connectors: Used to receive or fetch conversion jobs from various sources.
  • Output connectors: Used to feed the converted file or files back into an existing system.

The Conversion Service offers these connectors:

Folder connectors

  • Watched Folder: Converts all files that are placed into a configurable input directory. After the conversion is finished, the files are deleted.
  • Output Folder: Copies files into a configurable output directory.
  • Create Text File: Creates a text file in a configurable directory.

Email connectors

  • Watched Mailbox (IMAP or Exchange Online): Convert all emails that are placed into a configurable mailbox. After the conversion is finished, the mails are deleted.
  • Output Mailbox (IMAP or Exchange Online): Copies files to a configurable mailbox.
  • Send Email (SMTP or Exchange Online): Sends an email to a configurable recipient.

REST API connectors

  • REST Input (Plain HTTP or JSON): Converts all files that are sent to a URL. The URL can be customizable by setting the connection ID during configuration.
  • REST Output: Posts files as a multipart/form-data request to a configurable output URL

Other connectors