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PDF Client application (GUI)

The PDF Client application (GUI) is an easy-to-use interface intended for testing and familiarizing yourself with the Conversion Service. It interacts with the Conversion Service via REST API.

Set up the PDF Client

Before starting to use the PDF Client, you need to set up the service endpoint. You can also block any workflows so that they do not appear as a conversion option in the GUI client.

Set the service endpoint URL

The service endpoint URL can be changed in the Settings window of the Conversion Service PDF Client. The default value is http://localhost:13033/conversion/v1.0/rest.

Settings window of Conversion Service PDF Client

To set a default service endpoint URL, add it to the serviceEndpoint in the project's appsettings.json file located in the bin directory of the installation path.

"service": {
"serviceEndpoint": "http://localhost:13033/conversion/v1.0/rest"

Add workflows to blacklist

Individual workflows can be blacklisted in the project's appsettings.json file in the directory bin of the installation directory. This makes them invisible in the UI.
To blacklist a specific workflow, add it to the blacklistWorkflows in the JSON file.

"client": {
"blacklistWorkflows": [

Process documents

To process documents, drag and drop the documents to be processed to the input area. To remove individual documents from the list, select them and press the delete or back key. To remove all documents from the list, click Clear List.

Conversion Service PDF Client

Configure conversion options

Select the workflow and the profile to be used for the conversion. Click the refresh icon to reload the workflows and profiles.

The Merge option controls the processing mode. If it is switched on, all input documents are gathered into one job, resulting in a single merged output document. If it is switched off, every document gets processed in a separate job, resulting in one output document per input document.

Choose where to store the resulting document(s). If you have enabled the Merge option, choose the file name of the output document.