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Conversion Service

The Conversion Service is a comprehensive on-premises solution for automating your document processes. It takes input documents of different formats from various sources and processes them according to your use case to produce high-quality PDF/A documents. Robust client-server architecture of Conversion Service provides high availability and stability, allowing you to access the service through a powerful REST API (HTTP or HTTPS).


To learn more about how you can convert documents as part of an automated document workflow, see how the Conversion Service works.

Key features

  • High throughput job processing
  • Specialized workflows: Archive PDF/A-2, Archive PDF/A-3, Archive PDF/A-1, Conversion, Invoice, Dossier
  • Multiple configuration profiles for each workflow
  • Convenient conversion configurator
  • Watched folder
  • Activity and job processing statistics
  • Logging and monitoring

Compatible operating systems

The Conversion Service is available for the following operating systems:

VersionBit version
Windows Server 2016x64
Windows Server 2019x64
Windows Server 2022x64

If you plan to convert Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to PDF with the Conversion Service, you need a valid Office 365 or Microsoft 365 for Business license. For more information, see MS Office conversion.

Minimal hardware requirements

The Conversion Service minimal hardware requirements are the following:

Processor1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
Storage32 GB Disk space

A multi-core processor is preferable for optimal performance with the listed minimal requirements.

Optimal hardware requirements

The optimal performance of the Conversion Service varies depending on the tasks you want it to perform and how quickly you need it to process the results.