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The problem with embedded fonts in PDF mass printing applications

PDF is more and more finding its way into mass printing applications. However, PDF spool files often ask too much from a print engine resulting in aborts or, even worse, incomplete prints which may not be noticed. What i ...

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Is JBIG2 soon banned?

JBIG2 is a compression algorithm for bitonal images and has been developed to replace the widely used CCITT G4 algorithm because it can reach better compression ratios. However, the algorithm has received a bad reputatio ...

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PDF validation with customer specific extensions

While talking about PDF validation workflows I often come across questions like "Can I let the validation fail if the paper format does not match our corporate rules?". This and other customer specific requirements are i ...

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What can I do about sliced images?

If I try to extract images from a PDF file it sometimes happens that I get a bunch of slices of the original image, mostly consisting of a few image rows per slice or, in extreme cases, just one row. Why is that and how ...

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The art of repairing damaged PDF files

I sometimes got a little shock when I wanted to open a PDF file and the viewer only showed an error message. In some cases, however, the viewer can save the file and repair it, but often not. This experience made me thin ...

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Clear up some myths about PDF printer drivers

I'm sure you've heard sometimes phrases like "a printer driver which is based Windows GDI can only reproduce RGB colors" or "if a printer driver isn't built on top of the PostScript driver one cannot print EPS graphics". ...

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How to transform spot colors without ambiguities

On an RGB screen or a CMYK laser printer spot colors cannot be displayed directly and must be emulated by converting them into their process color equivalent. The Separation and DeviceN color spaces provide tint transfor ...

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How to preview overprinting

Some printing machines can print colors on top of others and some cannot. Some PDF viewers offer an optional preview function that simulates the effect of overprinting on a display screen. Since this function is not spec ...

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Vertical writing - Not just a matter of fonts

In some writing systems you can place the characters vertically from the top to the bottom to form you sentences. Most users know this from Chinese, Japanese and Korean texts. What does it take to use the vertical writin ...

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Font conversion - what's this good for?

The native font format of Microsoft Windows is TrueType. The PostScript fonts are not very well supported on Windows and the Type 1 format has even been discontinued. On the other side some embedded computers of printing ...

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The PDF Forms Babylon - AcroForms and XFA

PDF forms are very popular among users. A tools programmer can, however, choose between two different forms systems: AcroForm and XFA. When to choose which and why?

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How to avoid implementation dependent appearances of annotations and interactive form fields

Annotations such as notes and links belong to the most appreciated PDF features. Although they are easy to use from a user's perspective this is certainly not true from a developers perspective since it is often not clea ...

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