PDF Tools Conversion Service Workflows for Companies: Solving Modern Document Management Challenges

PDF Tools Conversion Service Workflows for Companies: Solving Modern Document Management Challenges

In today's fast-paced business world, managing a plethora of document formats can be a daunting challenge. Companies often struggle with inefficient document handling, leading to delayed processes, increased costs, and heightened risk of compliance issues. This is where the PDF Tools Conversion Service steps in as a game-changer. As a comprehensive PDF Conversion Software, the PDF Tools' Conversion Service is expertly designed to automate and streamline your document processing. It addresses the pressing need for efficient, reliable, and versatile document management solutions in various business environments.

Several Workflows Tailored to Your Needs

Think of the Conversion Service as a document converter factory, equipped with multiple production lines or workflows. Each workflow is a series of processing steps - such as validate, OCR, convert, merge, sign, etc. - customizable to fit your specific requirements. With configurable setups (profiles) for each production line, you have the power to define the processing steps and their options, ensuring a workflow that perfectly aligns with your operational needs.

The Conversion Service provides multiple distinct workflows such as Archive PDF/A-2, Archive PDF/A-3, Conversion, Dossier, and Invoice, available in all editions of the Conversion Service. This article looks at some of the most used Conversion Service workflows.

Workflow 1: Archive PDF/A-2

The “Archive PDF/A-2” workflow is a reliable automated process to ensure high-quality document conversion of Office documents, images, ZIP archives, emails and text files into PDF/A.

It additionally includes validating and repairing PDF documents, file optimization, making documents searchable through OCR, merging PDF files and creating digital signatures. It also allows for file attachments. All processing steps can be configured and also combined in a customized document workflow.

Workflow 2: Conversion

The "Conversion" workflow was primarily designed for converting Office documents into PDF. Emails, ZIP archives, images, text files and existing PDF are also possible. During processing, users can specifically choose to optimize for speed or file size. OCR is available as an optional processing step.

Users choose the “Conversion” Workflow if the result is not required to be a PDF/A, i.e. if the PDF does not need to be archivable. In interactive applications where a user or downstream system is waiting for the converted document, it is essential for the PDF conversion to be as fast as possible. An output document that is as small as possible brings enormous advantages when storage capacity is limited, e.g. for hosting or web transmission.

Workflow 3: Archive PDF/A-3

Like the existing and more stringent "Archive PDF/A-2" workflow, "Archive PDF/A-3" is specially designed to prepare documents for archiving and conforming to the PDF/A-3 standard.

In contrast to Archive PDF/A-2, source documents, such as docx, xlsx, pptx, do not need to be converted and can still be attached to the resulting output document. This is how Office documents can be archived and held available for later use as templates.

Additionally, you can batch convert Word documents into PDF and attach the original files. If desired, document parts like attachments, can be kept in their original format, e.g. images, XML or proprietary formats.

Workflow 4: Dossier

The "Dossier" workflow is specifically designed to compile multiple PDF documents into a single dossier. It can be used to convert multiple Word documents into PDF or an assembled PDF dossier. The workflow supports the creation of bookmarks to structure the dossier.

It additionally generates and customizes a clickable table of contents on the first page(s) of the assembled document. Text stamps can also be applied to the dossier pages to add document headers, footers, page numbering, watermarks and more.

Workflow 5: Invoice

As the name implies, the workflow is specifically engineered for creating invoices. The "Invoice" workflow converts source documents, which contain the visual representation of the invoice, to PDF/A-3 and attaches one or more files to the result.

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Summary: Enhancing Business Efficiency with PDF Tools Conversion Service Workflows

The landscape of document management in businesses has evolved significantly with digitalization. The PDF Tools Conversion Service directly addresses this evolution by offering specialized workflows designed to streamline and optimize the handling of diverse document formats. With tailored solutions for archiving, converting, managing dossiers, and processing invoices, this service simplifies complex document management tasks. It ensures that businesses can keep up with the increasing variety and volume of documents in a digital world, while significantly reducing processing and response times. Embracing these workflows means not only adapting to the current demands of document management but also future-proofing your processes for efficiency and compliance in an ever-changing digital environment.

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