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07/15/2019Created by Nadine Schuppisser & Ursina De Nando, PDF Tools AG

Master plan for digital corporate memory

Digitalization is still bumbling along clumsily and sluggishly in some areas – while making huge strides in other places. Countless new nodes and connections form in our digital memories each day. Companies are particularly affected by this because they have to keep pace with the digital transformation - or, ideally, stay ahead of it. In many industries, this is vitally important and not up for discussion.

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09/01/2018Created by Nadine Schuppisser, PDF Tools AG

Turn those files into pixels!

Everyone seems to be talking about digitalization these days. As soon as a pixel is involved, someone is sure to utter that ever-so-popular buzzword, usually followed by numerous names of companies, digital philosophers and data gurus. But what exactly do companies gain in the case of “capturing”?

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06/19/2017Created by Dr. Hans Bärfuss

Quality over quantity

PDF Tools is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Despite its relatively short history, it has been very successful so far. BIT caught up with the company’s founder Dr. Hans Bärfuss to discuss the secret to his success, a surprise trip to mark the company’s anniversary, the advantages of having a centralized development department, and the challenges facing the archivists of the future.

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03/15/2017Created by Nadine Schuppisser

Document processes in the digital age

Recognizing new potential and using it successfully has to be learned – from rush jobs to digital long-term archives.

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05/18/2016Created by Nadine Schuppisser, PDF Tools AG

Murphy's Law – from capturing to archiving

Companies have to strike a balance between profitability, feasibility and meeting legal requirements. A long-term digital archive, in which all information about the company and its activities is recorded, can form part of the solution. An archive with reliable tools and structures makes it possible to create case-specific files automatically.

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05/04/2016Created by Dr. Hans Bärfuss

Clever. Convenient. Conform. Scan server for digital long-term archiving

These days, most companies no longer wish to waste time and money on filling windowless rooms with paper files or assigning staff to search for paper documents. More and more managers are realizing the benefits of digital archiving, and not just in large enterprises. But how should it be implemented? Some say leave it to the manufacturers of the scanning devices, while others believe it takes more than that.

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