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Why is PDF/A important for SharePoint implementations?

There is hardly another platform in organizations that has become as widespread as SharePoint. SharePoint Server is not a final product, but an application platform on top of which DMS systems such as windream and custom ...

PDF standards

ZUGFeRD – A standard for electronic invoices in PDF/A format

Are you still sending out paper invoices to your business partners? Then you may be part of a dying breed. Although 90 percent of all invoices worldwide are still being sent out by post, experts predict that electronic i ...

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SAP Folders Management extended by new functionality of 3-Heights® Document Converter

High-quality PDF formats are of central importance in digital document management and especially in digital file management. The 3-Heights® Document Converter offers document conversion into high-quality PDF/A formats fr ...

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Compression and Optimization – reduce your files to the max

There is no question – storage space is now cheaper and more available to everyone. Neither hardware nor storage costs seem offputting at first. But the volume of data being handled is already massive – and increasing ev ...

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The Quality Gate in the digital age – safeguards the quality of your documents

Safeguarding document quality is vital in any business, especially when it comes to sharing documents or digitally archiving them, and specifically if the documents might one day be needed for an audit or a legal issue. ...

How to use

License Management

Read more about how to manage, activate and troubleshoot your Pdftools license.

How to use

Maintenance and support

We offer a range of services in addition to our mature products. We can fall back on broad experience in the field of technology and with regard to business administration issues. Over the years we have created customize ...

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Mastering Document Archival: using PDF Tools' Conversion Service to transform Word and other Desktop Apps to PDF/A

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Using blockchains as an alternative to PKIs for digital signatures

The traditional technical environment for a digital signature is the public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital signatures are also used to implement electronic money such as Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin uses a new technology ...

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How to render the text of a PDF document if the font is not embedded?

Every developer of a PDF viewer, a PDF printer and a PDF to Image Converter tool comes across the requirement to render non embedded fonts and is facing quite a challenging task. Not only developers but also users of the ...

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Inline images and Type 3 fonts

I often hear that the inline image construct is a major flaw in the design of the PDF page description language. Inline images are an often used feature in Type 3 fonts. However, the stomach pain of some experts even cau ...

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Replacing rich black by true black in PDF documents

When it comes to printing then all colors in a PDF document are transformed to the native color space of the printing device. If, e.g. a text uses a black RGB color then it is transformed to an equivalent CMYK value whic ...

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