PDF Rendering 2.0 – next generation graphic engine for PDF

A good PDF rendering engine is an essential part of conversion, viewing, and printing tools. No matter which version the PDF documents have, accurate rendering and good image quality is crucial for many PDF processing workflows. Have you thought of building your own rendering engine using an open source graphics library? There are many other spots which distinguish a good from a bad rendering engine. And of course many ways to get a good one – from open source until writing your own from scratch.

As a world leading specialist for professional PDF technology PDF Tools AG has built its own rendering engine from scratch.

The highlights of the of our new generation rendering engine are:

  • it meets the requirements of the upcoming PDF 2.0 specifications

  • high image quality thanks to 256 levels of anti-aliasing

  • high-performance ICC color management

  • bilinear interpolation and low-pass Gaussian filter for images

  • unique glyph rendering for optimum text legibility

  • sophisticated algorithm to substitute non-embedded fonts

  • high volume and bulk processing

The complex and unique graphics model of PDF and the ISO standard for PDF 2.0 which contains many clarifications and improvements regarding the rendering of PDF documents made this investment necessary for us.

Whereas the former implementations where all based on existing graphics libraries (GDI, GDI+, etc.) the new implementation has been developed without any dependencies from graphics libraries. This allows for more reliable high-quality rendering, higher performance tuning and better maintenance.

PDF 2.0 contains several changes and improvements in the area of encryption, digital signature, annotations, accessibility, 3D and document parts. This affects PDF rendering concerning the major revisions in chapters like rendering and transparency.

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