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Tech corner

What is PDF compression and optimization?

Most people agree that PDF compression and optimization have something to do with reducing file size. Sometimes it's about faster rendering. Anyway, compression and optimization is a wide topic and it's certainly worth a ...

Product updates

Pdftools SDKs and Shell components development

We have also been diligently developing our current product line. This year with a special focus on simplifying integration and supporting new standards. The following innovations are particularly noteworthy.

Tech corner

Splitting and merging pages of PDF documents

Single out pages from a number of input documents and re-arrange them in a set of output documents belongs to the daily routine in a document assembly application. At first glance, this seems to be a clear and understand ...

Product updates

PDF Toolbox SDK

Während wir uns dem zweiten Quartal 2021 nähern, möchten wir Ihnen unser neuestes Produkt-Update zur PDF-Massenverarbeitung und -erstellung von PDF/A-konformen Dokumenten vorstellen. Die Erfolgsgeschichte einer unserer K ...

Tech corner

Why is the extraction of text from a PDF document such a hassle

When I use a text editing tool such as Microsoft Word then it is quite natural that I can select a portion of text and copy it to the clipboard and paste it in to a window of any other tool. Not so with PDF. At least not ...

Product updates

PDF Web Viewer jetzt für unbegrenzte Zeit kostenlos testen

Sie können unseren 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer und das zu Grunde liegende PDF Viewing SDK ab sofort ganz bequem ohne Lizenzschlüssel und zeitlich unbegrenzt testen. Sie können das Software-Paket sowohl über unsere Website ...

Tech corner

Embedding fonts in PDF

I collect bad PDFs since the Reference Manual 1.0 was published in 1993 and today I have recourse to a data base of more than 100'000 real world PDF files with all kinds of faults in them. The vast majority of problems, ...

Product updates

Ausfüllen von Formularen und Stempeln mit dem PDF Web Viewer

Anfang dieses Jahres haben wir unseren brandneuen 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer lanciert, den Nachfolger des 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewers. Nun sind wir stolz, zwei neue Funktionen ankündigen zu können: PDF-Seitenstempel und da ...

Tech corner

TIFF Mixed Raster Content (MRC) conforming to RFC 2301

Mixed Raster Content (MRC) is a process to reduce the size of raster images. It is well known since PDF/A is used to archive scanned documents. However, it has been used and standardized in RFC 2301 for TIFF files earlie ...

Product updates

Ganz neu von innen: der 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer

In den letzten Jahren hat die Verwendung von Webbrowsern als neue Standard-Client-Plattform enorm zugenommen, da sie auf fast jedem Gerät und jedem Betriebssystem verfügbar sind. Vor drei Jahren haben wir mit der Einführ ...

Tech corner

Stroking geometric paths - not as easy as it seems

In PDF geometric paths are simply described as lines and cubic bézier curves. The filling of a path is straight forward once one understands the even-odd and non-zero-winding rule. The stroking of a path however is not a ...

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