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Electronic Signatures – A Crash Course

What is a reliable way to digitally sign documents? In this article, we'll explain the differences between electronic signatures and digital signatures, explore the types of signatures used in practice, and discuss the b ...

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Die Vorteile von PDF/A-3 in der Praxis

PDF ist ein weit verbreitetes digitales Dokumentenformat für den sicheren und einfachen Zugang zu Dokumenten. Die neueste Version des Formats, PDF/A-3, bietet den zusätzlichen Vorteil, dass Dateien jedes Formats, einschl ...

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Importing images into a PDF file - a seemingly trivial task

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's why they are fondly embedded in PDF files. One would expect that embedding images in a PDF file is a simple task. Because it seems so easy, there are also many, including free, ...

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The versatility of a PDF viewer

Almost every user knows: a PDF viewer is not just a display tool for a well known document format. It provides many more functions, runs on many platforms, offers interfaces in many technologies and serves as an importan ...

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The caveats of assembling PDF/A documents

Assembling PDF documents from various sources is a crucial part of an output management system. And, as the document needs to be archived in most cases, it should conform to the PDF/A standard. But, is there a way to ass ...

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Digging for information by extracting data from a PDF document

Extracting text from a PDF document is one of the most popular information retrieval function. But how about other information such as images, metadata and more? It can be simple - but also tricky.

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E-Mail-Anbindungen für den Conversion Service

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How to convert signed documents to PDF/A?

I often get the question whether it is possible to convert digitally signed documents to PDF/A. Because there's no short answer to this I thought it would be helpful to explore the topic a bit into more detail. What tec ...

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Neuer Workflow im Conversion Service: “Archive PDF/A-1”

Zu den beiden bestehenden Archivworkflows im 4-Heights® Conversion Service gesellt sich nun ein dritter: Archive PDF/A-1. Dieser Workflow wurde speziell für Kunden entwickelt, die zum Beispiel aus rechtlichen Gründen ver ...

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Font subsetting - how it works and when to use

In order to reduce the file size PDF producers use a technique called font subsetting. What does exactly happen with the fonts and what are the consequences?

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Mit Web Client wird Conversion Service testen jetzt noch einfacher

Wir haben für Sie das Testen und Evaluieren des 4-Heights® Conversion Service noch einfacher gemacht – mit einem Web Client. Nun haben Sie die Möglichkeit, den GUI Client des Conversion Service ganz bequem in Ihrem Brows ...

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Digital signatures in PDF/A

Digital signatures are still not very widely used and the the knowledge about them is often fuzzy. This article tries to give an overview about this huge and complex topic.


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