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PDF 2.0 - A quick overview

It is rare for industrial products to survive for more than 20 years – especially in the IT industry. Not even the inventors of the PDF could have imagined just how successful their file format would be when they launche ...

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Are the PDF/A space requirements a show stopper for archiving?

A PDF/A document requires that all resources such as fonts, color profiles, etc. must be embedded in the file. The archiving of transactional documents can be nightmare because such documents are usually short by nature ...

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Can linearization be combined with digitial signatures and PDF/A conformance?

Linearization is a feature to optimize PDF files for sequential reading. Although it is very useful in web based applications it interferes with other features such as digital signatures.

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Does OCR make sense for digitally generated PDFs?

Scanned PDF files usually consist of one raster image for each page. The OCR engine can recognize the text in this image and make the document searchable. But what about digitally generated documents?

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How to deal with poor PDF quality

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten", says a Gucci family slogan. Nevertheless, creators of PDF documents, private users up to large companies, regularly produce files with insufficient quality causi ...

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Image detection in scanned images

Detecting pictures in scanned document pages has many advantages such as better compression rates and the possibility to extract them individually.

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What is PDF compression and optimization?

Most people agree that PDF compression and optimization have something to do with reducing file size. Sometimes it's about faster rendering. Anyway, compression and optimization is a wide topic and it's certainly worth a ...


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Stellen Sie sich vor, ihr Kundendienst erhält zahlreiche Dokumente aus unterschiedlichen Quellen per E-Mail zugestellt. Wie stellen Sie sicher, dass diese ohne grossen manuellen Aufwand sinnvoll weiterverarbeitet werden ...

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Papierlose, elektronische Dossierführung bei der Kantonalen Steuerverwaltung

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  • PDF to PDF/A Converter
  • PDF Merge Split

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Priorisierung der PDF-Konvertierungsgeschwindigkeit oder der Dateigröße im Konvertierungsdienst

Der Konvertierungs-Workflow ist für die Konvertierung von Office-, Bild-, Text-, E-Mail- und ZIP-Archivdateien in PDF ausgelegt. Vorhandene PDF-Dateien können ebenfalls verarbeitet werden.

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PDF SDKs: Open Source vs. Proprietary | Guide Part 1

PDF essentials

PDF SDKs: Open Source vs. Proprietary | Guide Part 1

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