Email connections for Conversion Service

Email connections for Conversion Service

With the releases 3.4 and 3.5 we complete a whole set of email connectors for the 4-Heights® Conversion Service. These are an input connector "Watched Mailbox" and two output connectors "Output Mailbox" and "Send Email", which offer a variety of new integration options. All email connectors are available for IMAP email server and Exchange Online email server.

Input and output connectors are independently configurable and can also be combined with existing connectors. Multiple input and output connectors can be configured to connect different mailboxes. Our development team has kept the configuration as simple as possible, so that it can be compared to configuring a mailbox connection in an email client.

Watched Mailbox Input Connector

This input connector automatically fetches all incoming e-mails from a mailbox. The e-mails are then processed by the Conversion Service with the desired workflow and profile and forwarded to the desired output connector. The input can be, for example, an inbox or even a subfolder. The input connector offers the option to select whether only the attachments of an e-mail or the entire e-mail should be processed.

Output Mailbox Connector

This connector stores documents in a specified mailbox after processing by the Conversion Service.

Send Email Connector

The "Send Email Connector" was developed to send the processed documents via email. It sends the documents either to a configured email address or back to the original sender.

Use Cases

Automatic archiving of an inbox: Emails from a mailbox can be automatically converted to PDF/A by the connectors and stored / prepared for the archive. Optionally, for example, the processed e-mails can be stored in a subfolder of the mailbox or on a file system.

Processing via e-mail: One sends documents as attachments to an e-mail to a specific address and after processing receives an e-mail back with the converted documents.

Scan to e-mail use case: for example, a scanner writes the scans to a file share, the documents are retrieved from there via the Watched Folder connector, converted to PDF/A and the document is then sent to an e-mail address.

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