Transform Your Email Management with Our Advanced PDF Conversion Service

Transform Your Email Management with Our Advanced PDF Conversion Service

Handling essential email communications, especially those involving customers, presents a complex and time-consuming challenge for businesses. In today's regulatory environment, where compliance with standards like Sarbanes-Oxley is crucial, ensuring that email communications and attachments are properly archived is paramount. A reliable audit trail is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. With the PDF Tools Conversion Service, this once-daunting task is now effortlessly manageable. Our service ensures that your emails and attachments are archived efficiently and securely in formats like PDF/A, providing you with the peace of mind and compliance assurance your business needs.

Elevate Your Email Workflow with Our Latest Update

In our latest releases, versions 3.4 and 3.5, we've enhanced the PDF Tools Conversion Service with robust email connectors, designed to streamline your email management processes. These connectors, compatible with both IMAP and Exchange Online email servers, include the "Watched Mailbox" (Input), "Output Mailbox", and "Send Email" (Output), each offering seamless integration and user-friendly options.

User-Friendly Configuration for Optimal Efficiency

Our focus is on making your workflow as simple and efficient as possible. That's why configuring these connectors is as easy as setting up a standard email client. You have the freedom to configure input and output connectors independently and even combine them with existing connectors, offering the flexibility to connect multiple mailboxes to suit your specific needs.

Features & Benefits

This a quick overview of how it works. For a full technical description consult the technical document on the Conversion Service Email Connectors plus the Email Configuration documentation.

Watched Mailbox Input Connector

Automatically captures all incoming emails from a chosen mailbox. Decide to process either the entire email or just the attachments with your preferred workflow and profile, then direct them to your selected output connector. Ideal for managing inboxes or specific subfolders efficiently.

Output Mailbox Connector

Seamlessly stores processed documents in a specified mailbox after being handled by the Conversion Service. This feature is essential for maintaining organized and accessible email records.

Send Email Connector

Easily sends processed documents via email, either to a predetermined address or back to the original sender. This connector ensures your documents are delivered quickly and securely.

Practical Use Cases

Automatic Email Archiving: Convert emails from any mailbox into PDF/A format for secure, compliant archiving. Customize storage locations, such as mailbox subfolders or file systems.

Email Attachments to PDF Conversion: Send documents as email attachments to a specific address and receive them back post-processing as converted documents, streamlining your document handling process.

Scan-to-Email Functionality: Perfect for scenarios where scanners save documents to a file share. These can be retrieved via the Watched Folder connector, converted to PDF/A, and then emailed to a designated address.


The advanced connectors in the PDF Tools Conversion Service revolutionize email management, offering a more productive and organized digital workspace. Embrace the ease of automated PDF conversions and streamlined email workflows today.

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