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ZUGFeRD – A standard for electronic invoices in PDF/A format

Are you still sending out paper invoices to your business partners? Then you may be part of a dying breed. Although 90 percent of all invoices worldwide are still being sent out by post, experts predict that electronic i ...

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Why is PDF/A important for SharePoint implementations?

There is hardly another platform in organizations that has become as widespread as SharePoint. SharePoint Server is not a final product, but an application platform on top of which DMS systems such as windream and custom ...

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Digital born PDF/A - tough nut or potential?

Scanned documents have been archived successfully in PDF/A format for more than six years. However, the attitude towards archiving digitally created documents is more reserved. What are the reasons? Some are obvious: sca ...

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The PDF – we can't do without it

Not all document formats have managed to become a standard and are nowhere near to deliver what they promise. So what can or should we expect from a format? What are the most important quality characteristics of a format ...

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From scan to information – high quality at low data volume

A central scan server service enables large volumes of paper documents to be quickly and efficiently converted into electronic documents, prepared for processing and stored in a long-term archive. A scan server, such as ...

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ZUGFeRD – the new standard for electronic invoices

The ZUGFeRD standard for human and machine-readable electronic invoices supports manual and fully automated processing and long-term archiving. PDF Tools AG offers various products that can be used to create and check ZU ...

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Scan server for digital long-term archiving

These days, most companies no longer wish to waste time and money on filling windowless rooms with paper files or assigning staff to search for paper documents. More and more managers are realizing the benefits of digita ...

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Murphy's Law – from capturing to archiving

Companies have to strike a balance between profitability, feasibility and meeting legal requirements. A long-term digital archive, in which all information about the company and its activities is recorded, can form part ...

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Document processes in the digital age

Recognizing new potential and using it successfully has to be learned – from rush jobs to digital long-term archives.

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Quality over quantity

PDF Tools is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Despite its relatively short history, it has been very successful so far. BIT caught up with the company’s founder Dr. Hans Bärfuss to discuss the secret to his su ...

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Turn those files into pixels!

Everyone seems to be talking about digitalization these days. As soon as a pixel is involved, someone is sure to utter that ever-so-popular buzzword, usually followed by numerous names of companies, digital philosophers ...

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Master plan for digital corporate memory

Digitalization is still bumbling along clumsily and sluggishly in some areas – while making huge strides in other places. Countless new nodes and connections form in our digital memories each day.

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