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Version: Version 1.6

Add and remove content

The Toolbox add-on lets you add content to a PDF such as text, watermarks, barcodes, and images.


This functionality is part of the Toolbox add-on, a separate SDK that you can use with the same license key as the Pdftools SDK. To use and integrate this add-on, review Getting started with the Toolbox add-on and Toolbox add-on code samples.

Content types

The Toolbox add-on supports adding the following types of content:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Image Mask
  • Path

Add and remove content

There is a wide range of use cases for the following content types:

Content typeUse case example
TextAdd text to a PDF
Add a barcode to a PDF
Add line numbers to a PDF
Add a stamp to a PDF
Add page numbers to a PDF
Layout text in a PDF page
Remove glyphs from a PDF
Remove white text from a PDF
ImageAdd a QR code (Data Matrix) to a PDF
Add an image to a PDF
Image MaskAdd an image mask to a PDF
PathAdd a vector graphic to a PDF
Quick start - Add text to a PDF

Download the full sample now in C#, Java, and C.