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Version: Version 1.6

Add and fill form fields

The Toolbox add-on lets you add and fill form fields in PDF documents.


This functionality is part of the Toolbox add-on, a separate SDK that you can use with the same license key as the Pdftools SDK. To use and integrate this add-on, review Getting started with the Toolbox add-on and Toolbox add-on code samples.

Form fields

Form fields are placeholders for input data in a PDF document. An example of such input data might be a name, a date, or a choice from a group of items. The input data contained in a form field may be modified, if allowed, by the user who is viewing the PDF document.

The Toolbox add-on supports the following types of form fields:

  • General text
  • Comb text
  • Check box
  • Radio button
  • Combo box
  • List box

The special type SubForm can also be used to create logical groups of form fields.

Add form fields

Learn how to add form fields to a PDF document using the Add Form Field sample project.

Quick start

Download the full sample now in C# and Java.

Interested in C or other language samples? Let us know on the contact page, and we'll add it to our sample backlog.

Fill form fields

You can learn how to fill form fields in a PDF document using out Fill Form Fields sample project.

Quick start

Download the full sample now in C#, Java, and C.