REST API for Efficient PDF Conversion - Seamlessly Integrate Your Document Workflows with the Conversion Service

PDF Tools Conversion Service REST API for Efficient PDF Conversion

In today's digital age, the ability to seamlessly convert and integrate various document formats into a standardized PDF archive is crucial for efficient document management. The PDF Tools Conversion Service stands at the forefront of this technology, offering a robust solution that transforms a wide array of document types—including MS Office formats such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX—into PDF/A2 archive formats. Designed to cater to diverse integration needs, our service is versatile enough to monitor folders on a filesystem, connect to email servers via IMAP, and even support custom integrations through our comprehensive Developer API. Here we take a look at what's possible with the REST API.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Efficiency

The PDF Tools Conversion Service is engineered for flexibility, providing a standard API that facilitates direct document processing through your preferred channel. This capability ensures a smooth integration with your existing application ecosystem, allowing for direct transmission of results to subsequent systems without a hitch.

Customizable Input and Output Channels

To accommodate varying operational needs, our service offers customizable input and output channels, known as Connectors. You can configure these channels to align with your specific requirements, enhancing the workflow efficiency. Input channels include:

  • REST Interface: Submit jobs easily via a straightforward API, choosing between Plain HTTP and JSON formats, with options for immediate or deferred result delivery.

  • Watched Folders: Automatically processes documents placed in a designated folder, streamlining the conversion process.

  • Email Monitoring (IMAP): convert emails and / or email attachments by reading them from a configured inbox.

On the output front, our service ensures that your converted documents are delivered precisely where you need them Output channels include...

  • REST Callbacks: Configure callbacks to integrate seamlessly with existing services, ensuring timely delivery of results.

  • REST Query: as an alternative to using a callback, you can also query the service via the API for the status of a conversion job.

  • File Storage: Conveniently store results in specified file folders for easy access and archiving.

  • Email (IMAP): we can also send converted documents back by email, to a configured address or folder

  • Command-Line Extension: Leverage standard console commands to incorporate conversions into your existing workflows or scripts.

Intelligent Job Management

The Conversion Service distinguishes itself with its ability to intelligently manage job statuses, categorizing them into successful operations, warnings, and errors. This feature allows for tailored output channel control, ensuring that each document is handled according to its processing outcome.

Why choose the PDF Tools Conversion Service?

Opting for our Conversion Service means embracing versatility, security, and efficiency in your document management processes. Whether you're integrating it into an on-premise infrastructure, leveraging cloud capabilities, or utilizing our Developer API for custom solutions, our service guarantees a seamless, high-quality document conversion experience.


Embrace the future of document conversion with PDF Tools AG's Conversion Service. Our solution not only streamlines your document management processes but also enhances your digital workflow through advanced integration capabilities. Discover the full potential of our service and take the first step towards a more efficient, integrated document management system today.

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