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Document throughput at scale

Swiftly manage millions of documents within short timeframes. Pdftools scales dynamically, ensuring seamless handling of high-volume workloads for automated statements, summaries, and reports, combining speed with accuracy.
Windows Client
Shell tool (command line)

Seamlessly runs on-premise and in the cloud in <60 seconds
Ideal for Insurances

Flexible deployment

Insurance companies need accurate PDF document generation. Even brief service interruptions can jeopardize customer relations and revenue. Pdftools is reliable and secure, catering to the generation, archiving, and emailing of ready-to-use PDFs. With flexible deployment options, both on-premise and in the cloud, your documents are secure.

Document Generation

Paperless performance upgrade

Scalable processing power

Document processing with our cutting-edge solution is easy. Designed for high volume throughput and engineered for horizontal scalability, it ensures the processing of millions of documents within tight timeframes. Deliver PDFs to a vast customer base accurately and on schedule!

Seamless integration

Seamless integration is facilitated by the versatile Conversion Service REST API. Whether integrating with existing systems, connecting to your email server, or monitoring specific folders on your file servers, Pdftools adapts to your infrastructure needs.

Tailored for insurance

Our specialized workflows, such as the Invoice workflow, generate ZUGFeRD compliant invoices, ensuring efficiency and international standards compliance. The Enterprise Package offers document processing capabilities, with our consulting and support to build a PDF processing system tailored to your needs!

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Tailored solutions for your industry


Financial Services and Banking

With on-premise deployment and seamless integration with systems such as SAP and Workday, ensures operational efficiency while partnering with experts for a smooth transition and covering stringent data security demands.


Government Archives

Pdftools solution has firmly established itself as a cornerstone for long-term document preservation. It provides organizations with the tools to maintain accessible, compliant archives, ensuring the integrity of data and upholding public accountability.



Tailored support for critical operations, including high-volume processing and seamless integration with essential systems, to streamline invoice processes and ensure compliance with standards like ZUGFeRD.

PDF Excellence: No Watermarks, Full Support

Enjoy optimal results, and connect with exceptional support. Experience Pdftools—where your unique needs meet tailored pricing quotes.
Swift document processing with optimal results
Swift document processing with optimal results
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements

Why Pdftools

Swiss efficiency

Rooted in Switzerland, we power the daily processing of millions of documents, a testament to our efficiency.

Industry trusted

Pdftools is the preferred choice of leading healthcare, insurance, and legal companies, as well as governments worldwide.

Raving reviews

Our SourceForge rating highlights Pdftools’ exceptional performance and features.

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