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Government document archiving made easy with Pdftools - supporting comprehensive PDF/A formats, advanced OCR, and PDF optimization. Ensure long-term preservation, accessibility, and efficient storage of critical records in compliance with archival standards!
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PDF/A for archiving electronic documents

Pdftools' Conversion Services are trusted by government bodies around the globe. It revolutionizes long-term document archival needs, transitioning from traditional paper-based processes to secure, efficient digital solutions. With strong expertise in government archives, Pdftools ensures compliance, accessibility, and preservation of records in line with the highest standards.


Document Archiving Essentials

Comprehensive PDF/A support

Supporting all PDF/A formats, including PDF/A-1, A-2, and A-3. This compliance with international archival standards guarantees that (governmental) documents remain accessible and intact for future use.

Advanced OCR

Integrating OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, empowers government archives to digitize scanned documents efficiently. It enhances searchability and accessibility, allowing for the quick retrieval of information from vast archives, thereby modernizing the management of historical and legal documents.

PDF repair and optimization

Efficient storage for long-term archival, Pdftools includes capabilities to repair and optimize PDFs. By compressing and enhancing document quality, conversion services ensures that large volumes of records can be stored more efficiently, without compromising on accessibility or integrity.

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Financial Services and Banking

With on-premise deployment and seamless integration with systems such as SAP and Workday, ensures operational efficiency while partnering with experts for a smooth transition and covering stringent data security demands.


Government Archives

Pdftools solution has firmly established itself as a cornerstone for long-term document preservation. It provides organizations with the tools to maintain accessible, compliant archives, ensuring the integrity of data and upholding public accountability.



Tailored support for critical operations, including high-volume processing and seamless integration with essential systems, to streamline invoice processes and ensure compliance with standards like ZUGFeRD.

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Swift document processing with optimal results
Swift document processing with optimal results
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Unlock exceptional support—connect with the Pdftools team
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements
Get a pricing quote tailored to your specific requirements

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