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PDF and PDF/A functionality in a document management system

Application requirements

Rottal-Metzg AG needed to add a document management system to its myBica ERP solution. The usual method – integrating an existing archiving solution into the ERP – was obviously unsuitable here: the ERP and archiving solution needed to feel completely seamless for Rottal-Metzg AG’s customers.

The goal was to ensure that the processing of electronic files was part of the process at each stage and also supported the user in acquiring information. All the necessary documents needed to be easily available to the user at decisive way points.

Customer benefits

Thanks to PDF Tools AG’s PDF and PDF/A components, myBica AG was able to realize its client Rottal-Metzg AG’s requirements quickly and simply. With the integration of the components, myBica successfully implemented an ERP application with an audit-compliant archiving system. 


In the first phase, myBica applied PDF Tools AG’s data capture tools to Rottal-Metzg AG’s documents. The focus of the project was the conversion to PDF/A and digital signing of PDF files. In order to guarantee long-term archiving, the 3-Heights® PDF to PDF/A Converter was used for the conversion to PDF/A. The PDF Tools AG’s 3-Heights® PDF Security tool was implemented to guarantee secure digital signature of the documents.

After the changeover from a manual capture process, automatic processes were also implemented with the corresponding tools.

For visualizations, myBica AG used the 3-Heights® PDF Viewer to ensure that Rottal-Metzg AG can display digitalized documents quickly and accurately within the ERP application. 

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Customer statements

“Everyone’s talking about process digitalization. But thanks to the myBica ERP solution, what other people think of as the future is already part of everyday life at Rottal-Metzg AG, a traditional SME. We take for granted what other companies can only dream of. Even major players in the ERP sector cannot offer this kind of functionality!”

Fabian Zihlmann,
CEO, Rottal-Metzg AG

“Thanks to a seamless collaboration with Rottal-Metzg AG and the comprehensive support of PDF Tools AG, the project was implemented on time and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.”

Markus Muff,
CEO, myBica AG

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myBica’s ERP boasts a sophisticated and comprehensive range of modules, which allows users to visualize all their company’s processes. Intelligently interlocking modules and extensive automation help you optimize internal processes and thereby reduce costs. myBica’s ERP provides your company with targeted additional value thanks to a consistent document management system.

Brief portrait of Rottal-Metzg AG

Rottal-Metzg AG operates in the meat processing sector, with products from its modern abattoir fulfilling the majority of its demand. The company also operates a public store at its headquarters in Ruswil. Around 60 employees supply trade, restaurants, staff cafeterias and retailers in Central Switzerland, achieving annual sales of approximately CHF 20 m.