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Application requirements

iLovePDF and its community have evolved over the past years from a basic website to a globally used cloud-based service for editing and converting PDF documents.

The steady increase in volume raised the need for more stability and quality in the software itself, as well as improved scaling with the current and future infrastructure. As the user base kept growing, more and more new functionalities were requested, such as compressing PDF files and converting office documents to PDF.

New PDF products were needed with the main requirement to perform the wide number of tasks quickly and at a high quality at the same time. iLovePDF found only one supplier to fulfill all these needs. 

Customer benefits

They key goals of the project were to create more traffic to the website and further grow the user base. Thanks to of a broader range of tools and more efficient software that makes use of the full potential of the server infrastructure, both goals were reached quickly.

Additionally, having further developed the iLovePDF API, new business models opened, based on making the technology available to developers.


The iLovePDF API is the technological backbone for the website and mobile app. The 3-Heights® Document Converter, the 3-Heights® PDF Optimizer and further products from the 3-Heights® line have been integrated in the API.

The development took place hand in hand with the support team of PDF Tools AG. The software is executed directly on the servers of iLovePDF by command line for maximum stability.

Due to their flexibility, all the 3-Heights® products met the high demands for scalability with the infrastructure exceeding 40 servers. The implementation process was very smooth thanks to comprehensive documentation and collaboration with the support team.

At that time, iLovePDF decided to unify suppliers and only work with one supplier for PDF processing. Since the time of installation, all products have been running flawlessly and the resources of the servers have been used most efficiently.

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Customer statements

“PDF Tools AG has helped us achieve our milestones. Their technology is used daily on our website by millions of end users who want to save time editing their PDF documents. Our expectations have been more than fulfilled. Thanks to the team of PDF Tools AG for helping us get where we are today.”

Marco Grossi,

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iLovePDF is a free app to manage PDF files, single or in bulk, over the web. With more than half a million daily users from across the globe, iLovePDF has become one of the 1500 most visited internet websites and processes up to 1000 files per minute. iLovePDF offers a wide range of free tools such as merge, compress, split and convert, to help people save time with their PDF needs.