Form Filling and Stamping in the PDF Web Viewer

Earlier this year we have launched our brand new 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer, the successor of the 3-Heights® PDF Web Viewer. Now we are proud to announce the arrival of two new features: PDF page stamps and form field filling. In contrast to common belief, a PDF can contain a multitude of interactive elements. The two most important classes of these are markup annotations and form fields. Changes made to these elements are stored directly within the PDF file.

New feature: PDF page stamps

Among the many types of markup annotations, let us turn to the stamp annotation — a "sticker" to be placed in arbitrary size and location on a page. Stamp annotations come in different varieties:

  • Text stamp with predefined text contents

  • Image stamp with a raster image as content

  • New: PDF page stamp with arbitrary content

The 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer now supports a pre-configuration to create stamps from a page of any given PDF. This removes any limitations from the actual stamp content: Imagine text, images, and vector graphics in any combination.

New feature: Form filling

Unlike with annotations, form fields in a PDF cannot be created nor deleted by the user. Their main purpose is to let the user fill in and store a PDF form. As of now, the 4-Heights® PDF Web Viewer enables exactly this: Form filling for all types of "AcroForm" form fields. A clear and intuitive graphical user interface allows for easy handling.

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