Newsletter October 2012

We have all learned that a PDF/A document is basically nothing more than a PDF document, which takes the requirements of archiving into account. The conversion from PDF to PDF/A therefore seems to be quite simple. From the user’s perspective this is true. However, just as a clock simply indicates the time, there is a lot of expertise in the clockwork itself.

The same is true for our 3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter. It embeds missing fonts, calibrates color spaces, replaces invalid characters, deletes prohibited content, repairs damaged files, and much more. If a font, which is used in the PDF file, no longer exists on the system the converter substitutes it with a suitable alternative. The tool takes, in this and other cases, meaningful decisions in order to simplify its use and free the conversion from any manual intervention.

The success story of DTI Management AG shows how easy the converter can be used.

Success Story DTI Management AG, Wil, Switzerland

Major Swiss Financial Institute Implements PDF/A-conforming Long‑Term Archive using the 3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

The financial institute commissioned DTI Management AG to build a document processing system that captures incoming fax and email messages, converts them to digital documents, performs an OCR/ICR recognition on the output format, categorizes them, extracts useful information, validates them and finally forwards them to numerous peripheral systems. Documents being sent to the long‑term archive will only be accepted if they conform to the ISO standard for long‑term archiving, PDF/A.

Success Story DTI Management AG

Cornèr Banca SA, Lugano, Switzerland
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Security

New Age Media Systems, Inc., New York, United States
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Extract