Newsletter March 2013

Outside the weather may be playing a trick on the official start of spring by alternating between bitter cold winter weather and mild spring days, but here in our offices the silence of deep concentration reigns.

Already feeling in the mood for Easter, I wander among the desks and enquire about innovations and surprises that Development has or will have for us. I can reveal this much – spring is awakening in PDF Tool’s lines of code and you’ll soon be finding out more.

We hope you enjoy reading our articles and that you have a lively and successful start to the spring.

Success Story Thurgau cantonal tax administration authority, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Paperless electronic file management at the cantonal tax administration authority of Thurgau

In addition to being the month in which Easter falls, March in Switzerland is also the month for annual tax returns. During this period the 80 tax offices that form part of the tax administration authority for the canton of Thurgau receive 155,000 tax returns, which all have to be converted into electronic files.

The electronic archive for tax assessment and collection at the cantonal tax administration authority of Thurgau was introduced in pursuit of a paperless electronic file management system.

The PDF Tools components make it possible to process incoming documents arriving from various sources to the exact requirements specified by the archiving conventions at a manageable cost. 

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Success story at the cantonal tax administration authority of Thurgau

City Council Aarau, Switzerland
Products used: 
3‑Heights™ PDF Producer
3‑Heights™ Document Assembler

Saperion AG, Germany
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Producer

Document digitization in PDF/A. How to make a success of complex projects.
Public and private enterprises like to keep up with the times; they launch projects and ride on the crest of the digitization wave. Infrastructures for centralizing archives and worldwide online research are created to raise productivity and lower costs, as is always the case with these projects. But do we actually have digitization under control?

Are we not creating new risks? What do we need to know to prevent projects from turning into nightmares?

A contribution by Dr. Hans Bärfuss, CEO of PDF Tools AG.

A PDF/A Solution for Scanned Documents
PDF Tools AG offers a solution for creating PDF/A files from scanned documents and fax images that fulfills all the vital requirements like small file size, searchable files and embedded metadata. Advantages of this solution are scalability through configurable options, PDF/A files in color with small file size, OCR recognition and much more.

More information about the Scan Server of PDF Tools AG can be found here.

If you are interested in an evaluation license, please inform us by email and we’ll be happy to contact you.

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