Newsletter July 2015

During dinner after a trade fair, I was talking to my colleague about the “black box” handbag. Curious people on the next table were eavesdropping and we ended up having a bet. I tipped the contents of my bag onto the table.

The person who had challenged me was pretty astonished when he saw all the things that tumbled out. Then he started repacking the bag. Everything had to fit back inside systematically. The items still had to be accessible and nothing was allowed to fall out – and the bag had to close easily and securely.

Unsurprisingly, our bet was wonderfully entertaining for all the guests around us and the man gave up after half an hour. He lost and we won a tasty dessert. Hardcore handbag tetris is a skill that must be learned!

For release 4.5, our developers likewise worked on optimization, compression and security. Release 4.5 includes numerous improvements to the existing products. The most important are:

  • The algorithm for the Mixed Raster Compression (MRC) features a new automatic calculation of the level for the creation of the image mask. What’s more, the algorithm is capable of identifying photographic areas in the document and saving them in separate layers.

  • The tool for optimizing PDF files now features Mixed Raster Compression (MRC), in addition to all its existing functions. The image processing features (compression, color conversion, cropping, etc.) have also been revised and improved. And finally, the merging of fonts has been enhanced, so that the number of fonts can be further reduced.

  • Time stamp servers with SSL encryption (https) are now supported for the creation of digital signatures. The QuoVadis sealsign service has been added to the currently supported signature services from Swisscom and SwissSign.

  • The tool for printing PDF files now supports watermarks sourced from other PDF files. This makes it possible to implement PDF overlays.

  • The installation script and the API for the installation of the virtual printer drivers 3-Heights™ PDF and TIFF Producer now feature an update mode. This means the DLLs can be brought up to date without changing the printer settings or the monitor configurations.

This release doesn’t include any new products. However there are several new products currently being developed that will be included in future releases.

And while our software engineers start work on the next release, I’m in holiday mode – let’s see if I can fit everything into my backpack for my upcoming trip...

We hope you’re enjoying the summer!

Topsoft 2015
August 25, 2015 – August 26, 2015
Zurich, Switzerland

Paperless World 2015
September 10, 2015
Elfingen, Switzerland

IT & Business
September 29, 2015 – October 1, 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

PDF Technical Conference
October 19, 2015 – October 20, 2015
San Jose, California

ZEDACH eG, Germany
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

B-Source Outline AG, Switzerland
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Optimization

MathWizard, Inc., United States
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Printer

Synertec Limited, United Kingdom
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3-Heights™ PDF to EMF Converter