Newsletter July 2013

It’s here at last – the Final Release 4.2 is online! We announced back in March that new things were on the horizon – and now they have arrived. Read on to find out what has become of the “spring awakening” in the source code.

The Swiss Post Office sought a legally conform, digital method of filing its documents “ad acta” and is now supported by the PDF Document Converter, whilst Unico Data uses the PDF Producer for efficient and error-free conversion of their SaaS clients’ documents. Both are examples of successful projects in the field of long-term document storage where the right strategies have overcome the challenges. The article in DOK.magazin penned by Hans Bärfuss provides insights on tapping into the (un)recognized potential of PDF/A.

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Final Release 4.2

PDF Tools AG is releasing Version 4.2 of every product in the 3‑Heights™ and Classic family. This version incorporates numerous extensions and improvements to the existing products and introduces new components and tools. As in the past, this version is available free of charge to every customer with a maintenance agreement.
Some of the innovative highlights of this version:

  • The 3‑Heights™ Signature Creation and Verification Service enables the centralized creation and verification of digital signatures. The advantage here is that private keys no longer have to be distributed as they can now be stored and managed at a safe location. Furthermore, Internet access is no longer required for creating a signature – an interesting feature, especially with regard to safe Intranet applications. The product could also be of interest to online service providers.
  • The 3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer .NET WPF Control adds a further variant to the range of PDF viewer components. It is a very simple method of adding a PDF viewer to applications that use .NET WPF technology. The control fits seamlessly into the GUI and is controlled and queried by the application via a lean API.

The following count among the most significant extensions and improvements to existing products in this version:

  • New Office add-in for the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter: the new add-in converts Word documents and emails in Outlook at the touch of a button.
  • New installation program for the 3‑Heights™ Producer: the command line program has numerous functions that automate the distribution of software to customers.
  • Time stamp signatures with 3‑Heights™ Security Tool: it is now possible to create pure time stamp signatures in addition to personal digital signatures.
  • OMR marking with the 3‑Heights™ PDF Printer: the PDF Printer tool now features a simple method of applying OMR markings, e.g. for package control.

Please see the Release Notes for detailed information.

Success Story Unico Data AG, Switzerland

Efficient PDF conversion with 3‑Heights™ PDF Desktop Producer and Assembler in a SaaS solution

“We were able to rely on uncomplicated and profes­sional support during project implementation. Creating PDF documents is a real pleasure now the new solution is in place. I was astonished at the high performance underlying the creation of documents. We can also use the PDF/A format for long-term document storage that ensures documents cannot be changed. That is a real advantage to us.”

Toni Hossmann, Managing Director,
Unico Data AG

The OpenSource PDF technology previously in use was no longer able to support the new operating system. Conformance with PDF standards was poor and support services were also inadequate. Unico Data therefore went in search of a reliable partner for issues relating to PDF archiving. Their requirements included uncomplicated access to the Helpdesk, quick and easy generation of PDF documents, support for Terminal Services (Citrix, etc.) and extendibility via interface.

Find out more about this success story and howUnico Data AG secures the PDF conversion via 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer and Assembler

Success Story PostFinance AG, Switzerland

Legally conform, digital archiving with 3‑Heights™ Document Converter in the AD ACTA solution

“As the project was predominantly intended to implement regulatory requirements, it was important to us to have the project and subsequent operations managed by a trustworthy and reliable partner who is familiar with the needs of the financial sector and can develop the product range accordingly. The support we received was exemplary and highly competent. Our queries were addressed very quickly with outstanding customer orientation and competence. The product fulfils our specifications and is well-documented.”

Michael Rumpf, Archive Manager,
PostFinance AG

PostFinance decided to develop the “AD ACTA” solution within the scope of archive redevelopment to enable the digital long-term storage of internal documents that are not directly related to the provision of services. AD ACTA serves the purposes of archiving, filing, sharing and locating internal documents and is used for documents subject to mandatory archiving and/or of relevance to business. The solution ensures legally conform digital archiving and fulfils the service provider’s regulatory requirements concerning document administration and storage.

The complete success story how the3‑Heights™ Document Converter supports legally conform, digital archiving in the PostFinance AG

Product details to  3‑Heights™ Document Converter

Technical Conference North America 2013
August 14–15, 2013,
Seattle, Washington, USA
Further Information to the Technical Conference of PDF Association

September 24–26, 2013,
Messe Stuttgart, Germany
more Information about DMS EXPO

Coextant Systems International AG, Germany
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

INCOM Information & Communications, Korea
Products used:
3‑Heights™ Image to PDF Converter

Paragon, Netherlands
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Optimization 

Internad Limited, Hong Kong
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF Merge Split

Naylor LLC, USA
Products used:
3‑Heights™PDF Prep Tool Suite

Digital born PDF/A – tough nut or (un)recognized potential?
Scanned documents have been archived successfully in PDF/A format for more than six years. However, the attitude towards archiving digitally created documents is more reserved. What are the reasons?

Read more about PDF/A in the article from Hans Bärfuss, published by DOK.magazin

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