Newsletter January 2015

As one year ends, another begins – and we’ve hit the ground running in 2015 already. The images of our new year’s celebration in the mountains strikes a melancholy chord: snow-capped peaks, a flickering log fire, the dulcet strains of an accordion and tales of personal experience from the previous year.

I photographed the occasion, but when I viewed the images on my computer screen I found that many were blurry or had other imperfections. What does good image quality actually mean? How can I make sure that the quality remains just as high when I edit the photos? Aside from perhaps taking more time to compose my shots, what role does my camera and software play?

In the office, I ask our development team about it and quickly realize that there are many elements that influence image quality as well as how to ensure that it stays that way. I also realize that my small, personal issue with photos also applies in greater scope within the PDF universe.

I have good news: release 4.4 marks the availability of the new rendering engine. For the time being, it is only available as part of the 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter R2, but it will soon be a feature in other products as well. The highlights of the new rendering machine include:

  • meets the requirements of the upcoming PDF 2.0 specifications
  • high image quality thanks to 256 levels of anti-aliasing
  • high-performance ICC color management
  • bilinear interpolation and low-pass Gaussian filter for images
  • unique glyph rendering for optimum text readability
  • improved algorithm to substitute non-embedded fonts

Further features are listed in the release notes. The document also contains information on new products such as the shell version of the 3-Heights™ PDF Merge Split tool and the 3-Heights™ Digital Signature Service – a powerful package for individual and mass signatures. This web service gives trust centers and major companies the efficient, single-step option of generating complete signature data that can be easily linked to the original document.

You can find out more about the Digital Signature Service in our white paper Digital Signatures from the Cloud – Basics and Applications.

If you’d like to know more about rendering, a great source is the PDF experts blog by Dr Hans Bärfuss, as well as the posts on rendering and the video of the talk titled What is unique about PDF rendering?, which was recorded at the last PDF Days conference.

We’d like to wish you a fantastic start to 2015 once more and look forward to an exciting year.

Best regards,
Your PDF Tools AG Team


By the way: the new rendering engine is available now as part of the test version of the 3-Heights™ PDF to Image Converter R2. See the reliability and quality of the new engine for yourself.

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