Newsletter January 2014

The new year is underway and the resolutions are being put into action. The team is now making its final sprint towards the first development goal – Version 4.3 will be online in the next few weeks. Details of the release can be found in the release notes as soon as the software is available online.

More and more companies are realizing that the era of PDF freeware for business-critical requirements is over. The required standard for PDF documents has risen dramatically in recent years. The criteria that the format must meet and the areas of application have become more diverse. Dr. Hans Bärfuss addressed these issues in his article in the annual book of swiss made software (german only).

ALTE LEIPZIGER, academia and Delen Private Bank have implemented a range of our tools and solutions in the past few months. Read the success stories to find out how this has enabled them to automate processes, reduce storage space and increase user satisfaction.

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Success story ALTE LEIPZIGER Mutual Life Insurance Society, Germany

“The 3-Heights™Document Converter is embedded in our infrastructure as an independent service and meets our expectations to the fullest extent. Low administrative expense, high through-put and outstanding support guarantee trouble-free production.”

Walter George, application development,
ALTE LEIPZIGER Mutual Life Insurance Society

The ALTE LEIPZIGER Mutual Life Insurance Society archives around 15 million incoming and outgoing documents every year. The incoming documents in particular represented a challenge due to the many different formats received through ALTE LEIPZIGER’s various channels such as email, fax and the agent’s portal.

Due to the application of the 3-Heights™ Document Converter the conversion of documents with different formats and versions significantly reduced the number of clearing cases and documents that could not be processed automatically by electronic means.

Success story Delen Private Bank, Belgium

“Our goals and needs have been met 100%. By implementing the PDF Command Line Suite we save lots of disk space and we got a simple, fast and automated solution for a correct price.”

Andy Heynderickx, CIO, 
Delen Private Bank

Delen’s goal was to get a full view of all documents in the electronic archive, whereupon the physical and the electronic version have to be completely equivalent.

As the PDF Command Line Suite met the requirements, Delen decided to use the PDF Tools product.

Success story academia Sprach- und Lernzentrum Schweiz AG, Switzerland

“The look of satisfaction on the faces of employees when asked about printing PDFs is evidence of a straightforward and stable software program.

The straightforward and fast response from PDF Tools AG is worthy of special mention. The company’s support team went out of its way to help us resolve problems during the test phase and ensure that we could start the evaluation on time.”

Florian Furler, IT Manager, 

academia was looking for a solid and user friendly software with a function for saving PDFs in the file system, and an option to send PDFs by email were among the top requirements.

Get further information how the 3-Heights™ PDF Producer supports the employees of academia within their daily business.

Salon Documation
CNIT Paris la Défense,
Paris, France

Thomson Reuters, Germany
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Extract

Banca dello Stato, Switzerland
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter

AWP Consult GmbH, Germany
Products used:
3-Heights™ PDF Printer