Newsletter February 2012

In the world of documents PDF/A has become the standard in Europe and is increasingly known in other parts of the world. There exists e. g. a Chinese translation of the standard text.
But how can one be sure that the provisions of the ISO standard are met? There are testing tools, such as the 3‑Heights™ PDF Validator  which has been built for this purpose. It is used for quality checking of all incoming documents, as a gate keeper before a document is stored in the archive and all processes, which require conformance with the standard, such as the digital signing.
However, the 3‑Heights™ PDF Validator can do more. With its help one can also enforce corporate guidelines such as permitted fonts, allowed PDF creator programs, minimum resolution of scanned pages, and much more.
The PDF Validator is seamlessly integrated into the 3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter  component and in the 3‑Heights™ Document Converter  solution.

Success story ARAG IT GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

3‑Heights™ PDF Validator verifies electronic insurance applications for the German insurer ARAG

A signature pad, with which electronically signed applications can be created in the PDF/A archiving format and digitally signed directly at the point of sales, i.e. at the customer’s location, has been in use since October 2011. These PDF/A documents should be archived as originals. To achieve this, ARAG IT required a robust, reliable and high-performance solution, which supports the new PDF/A‑2 standard.

Success Story ARAG IT