Newsletter August 2012

Do we reinvent the wheel? Aren’t there enough virtual printer drivers for creating PDF files? Here’s the answer: Before we had the 3‑Heights™PDF Producer we simply couldn’t find the right tool for our needs. Our requirements for the product are at the same time its most unique features:

  • Support for multi-user platforms such as Windows Terminal Server and Citrix. This makes the PDF Producer especially suitable for hosting services.
  • Full programmatic control in applications through APIs. Therefore, the PDF Producer is often used by OEM customers (see success story below).
  • Very stable and robust software implementation. The PDF Producer is perfectly suited for the 7 x 24 use on servers.
  • The performance is from 5 to 10 times higher than with comparable products. The conversion is done directly, without detours. With the PDF Producer the PDF file is immediately available after the print job terminates. Waiting for the usual, auxiliary downstream processes is eliminated.
  • The quality is better and the coverage of the Windows graphical model features is greater than that of comparable products. The PDF Producer supports the ISO standard PDF/A‑2 including transparency.

The 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer is also the heart of our 3‑Heights™ Document Converter and will therefore be, as a strategic component, continuously be further developed.

Success story INTEGRAL concept, Eschenbach, Switzerland

High-performance creation and printing of PDF documents from ERP system using the 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer and PDF Printer

INTEGRAL concept provides comprehensive EDP services. Due to recurring problems when printing PDF documents from the ERP software MECHANIK 3000, INTEGRAL concept searched for a new, simple API software to integrate in the existing application.

Success Story Integral Concept

DSM, Heerlen, The Netherlands
Products used:
PDF Command Line Suite

Docapost, Paris, France
Products used:
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter
3‑Heights™ PDF Optimizer
3‑Heights™ PDF Producer
3‑Heights™ PDF Prep Tool Suite