PDF & PDF/A know-how and insights

The advancing digitalisation of documents is really exciting and gains importance for many organizations. Delve into the basics of PDF and PDF/A and connected topics such as capturing, processing and archiving.

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PDF & PDF/A white papers

Find valuable knowledge about PDF and PDF/A in our white papers. The PDF primer and the basics of PDF/A white paper are our block boosters with many thousands downloads.

PDF ISO standards

There are numerous ISO standards dealing with PDF. Get an overview of the different standards, with a focus on PDF/A and PDF 1.7. Find overviews and comparisons between the standards and PDF format versions.

PDF glossary

From "annotation" to "XMP packet" - a compact collection with explanations of terms and expressions that are used in the domain of PDF.

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PDF & PDF/A videos

Watch through our collections of expert videos from several conferences held by our customers and developers. Get an impression about what our developers and customers are thinking to different concerns around PDF and PDF/A.

PDF articles and publications

Depart from developer issues and move towards business cases. Get an idea how companies have to strike a balance between profitability, feasibility and meeting legal requirements. 

PDF expert blog

Beyond any doubt, the only constant that rules the software industry if not the whole world is this: change. In this blog you find a lot of information about crucial issues for the chapter "digitalization" and it's technical challenges.