Product illustration 3-Heights™ PDF Producer

Properties and benefits

The 3-Heights™ PDF Producer enables simple and fast generation of high-quality PDF, PDF/A and TIFF documents from within a large number of applications.

The component supplements the high quality standards of software products and refines them in the form of highly reliable PDF generation.

Performance characteristics

  • High throughput
  • High conversion quality
  • PDF/A compliance
  • Preservation of vector graphic presentation and the searchability of text
  • Integrated preview
  • Synchronous generation
  • Simple integration
  • Specially optimized for multi-threaded environments and use on Windows terminal servers and Citrix
  • Direct, client-based generation
  • Parallel, server-based generation via the network
  • Port monitor supports printer pooling
  • Set PDF compliance
  • Automatically detect and adjust portrait and landscape formats
  • Use Unicode and ANSI font sets including Asian font sets (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)
  • Print in color or grayscale
  • Set image compression quality (e.g. JPEG)
  • Set output resolution
  • Set compression for bi-tonal images (G3, G3-2D, G4, JBIG2, ZIP, Packbits)
  • Set compression for indexed images (LZW)
  • Set compression for color and grayscale images (JPEG, ZIP)
  • Add XMP Metadata to generated PDF document
  • Encrypt and password-protect documents and set user access permissions
  • Select from more than 100 standard page formats
  • Reduce image resolution (optional)
Functionality graphic 3-Heights™ PDF Producer
  • Linearize PDF documents for fast web view
  • Embed fonts (optional)
  • Subset fonts to reduce file size (optional)
  • Set output intent (Color management)
  • Set standard settings for all users
  • Set customized settings per user
  • Port monitor for automated and configurable post-processing of generated PDF documents
  • Port pool for parallel document creation in multi-user environments (Terminal Server, Citrix)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous document creation
  • Predefined settings in TIFF Producer (Fax N, bi-tonal, grayscale, RGB, CMYK)
  • Automatic resolution limitation to prevent memory space problems
  • Optional application of stamps, watermarks, etc., with the aid of XML control files
  • Scripted installation (MSI) for automated software distribution

Outgoing mail

The 3‑Heights™ PDF Producer employed in email dispatch converts digital documents to PDF/A or PDF ready for sending.


  • Creation of compliance relevant documents (business reports, etc.)
  • Creation of product and process documentation from graphic programs (CAD)


The PDF Producer serves the purpose of archiving digital documents generated by proprietary applications (for instance, Microsoft Office or AutoCAD) that do not offer a PDF export function or do not guarantee PDF/A-compliant generation.


Multi-client and standardized creation of PDF and PDF/A files in hosting environments.

Input formats

The tool accommodates all input formats supported by the print function of the Windows application (e. g. MS Word).

Output formats

  • PDF
  • PDF/A‑1b,
  • PDF/A‑2u
  • PDF/A‑3u
  • TIFF



  • ISO 19005‑1 (PDF/A‑1)
  • ISO 19005‑2 (PDF/A‑2)
  • ISO 19005‑3 (PDF/A‑3)
  • ISO 32000-1 (PDF 1.7)

Operating Systems

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 - 32 & 64 bit
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 – 32 & 64 bit


  • Plug-in API for transferring metadata, links and bookmarks during document creation
  • API for easy, automated conversion of files into PDF and PDF/A
  • API for automated installation

Programming languages

  • Creation: C, Java, .NET, COM
  • Installation: C

Product Variants

  • Desktop incl. Office plug-in
  • API for converting, installing and integrating metadata, hyperlinks and bookmarks

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