PDF Command Line Suite – batch mode processing toolkit

PDF Command Line Suite is a set of programs for the command line that process PDF documents individually and in batch mode.

Typical processing steps include merging and splitting PDF documents, creating bookmarks, extracting text or applying a company logo. It also performs tasks such as assembling or personalizing PDF documents and form filling.

Merge & Split

Merge and split single or multiple PDF documents


Reading out selected PDF pages


Insert web links or table of contents in your PDF documents

Simple, fast and automated PDF processing at Delen Private Bank

In the electronic archive Delen is able to see the extra documents which had been sent by physical mail without having to scan each printed document. By using the PDF Command Line Suite the electronic version of the printed document is exactly the same – inclusive added generic information.

Mail-Gard improves print and mail production work-flow with PDF Command Line Suite

Very few solutions allow Mail-Gard to satisfactorily modify PDFs according to their requirements. The PDF Command Line Suite enables Mail-Gard to process existing PDF documents efficiently and swiftly without any adaptations to their existing infrastructure.

Product illustration PDF Command Line Suite

PDF Command Line Suite - features

PDF Command Line Suite consists of various specialized command line programs that can be used without any programming effort. They can be concatenated – for instance, if documents in a batch process should first be checked for content prior to merging.

  • Functionality graphic PDF Command Line Suite
  • PDF Merge Program for merging multiple PDF documents
  • PDF Split Program for splitting a single PDF document into multiple PDF documents
  • PDF Select Program for reading out selected pages
  • PDF Text Extraction Program
  • PDF Form Filling Program for simple form-based functions
  • PDF Web Link Program for inserting web links
  • PDF Table of Contents Program for creating tables of contents
  • PDF Bookmarks Program for reading out and creating bookmarks
  • PDF Info Program for listing document properties such as the number of pages or page dimensions

Supported formats

Input formats

  • PDF

Output formats

  • PDF
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Areas of use - PDF processing via command line

Document preparation

The creation of PDF documents containing numerous reports is commonplace. Now imagine creating one report per customer. This is achievable in one simple step with the pdsplit program.

Merging various source documents and applying a company logo is another example. This task is achieved with the pdcat program.

Other areas of use

  • Preparing documents for printing and dispatch
  • Personalizing documents in web server applications or in batch processing (e. g. quotes for customers)
  • Completing form fields in batch processing mode (e. g. compiling reports from a database)
  • Document assembly, i.e. splitting and merging pages such as title page and blank pages, as well as enriching pages by adding logos, page numbering and other content
Functionality graphic PDF Command Line Suite