PDF Batch Stamp Tool – applying stamps, pagination and other marks on PDF pages

The PDF Batch Stamp Tool is a component for stamping texts, images and watermarks as well as for paginating PDF documents.

There are many processes that add a stamp to PDF documents. The stamp can be a simple text such as “Copy”, “Confidential” or “Licensed to…” applied to each page in a specified color and size. It can also be a more extensive stamp that represents part of the page content, for instance a company logo, an address, a customer number or page numbers.


Apply a text or image stamp


Stamp page numbers


Set alpha channel for invisible or transparent stamps

Product illustration PDF Batch Stamp Tool

PDF Batch Stamp Tool - features

  • Apply a text or image stamp to the first page, to every page or a range of pages
  • Stamp page numbers
  • Stamp document properties such as the file name, title or author
  • Define a stamp using a text file or on the command line
  • Apply a stamp in the background or foreground
  • Set font and font size
  • Set position, color and rotation
  • Apply or remove removable stamps
  • Apply stamps and simultaneously merge multiple PDF documents
  • Set alpha channel for invisible or transparent stamps
  • Read and write encrypted documents
  • Process individual documents and entire batches
Functionality graphic PDF Batch Stamp Tool

Supported formats

Input formats

  • PDF

Target formats

  • PDF
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Areas of use - Apply stamps, pagination and watermarks

Outgoing mail

In Output Management the component can apply specific labels such as Copy or Confidential to PDF documents without changing the original content. It is also possible to apply logos and signatures automatically and in accordance with your specific requirements.

Document workflow

Using the PDF Batch Stamp Tool in document workflow processes enables you to apply and remove the document’s processing status or an index version. This is useful for the control and traceability of the processing workflow.


Publishers can use the tool to incorporate clearly identifiable characteristics to enforce the copyright to electronic documents such as e books, university scripts and seminar documentation. The document can be encrypted at the same time to protect it against modification.

Other areas of use

  • Amendment of headers and footers including page numbering
  • Application of receipt stamps

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