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There is no question – storage space is now cheaper and more available to everyone. Neither hardware nor storage costs seem offputting at first. But the volume of data being handled is already massive – and increasing every day.

Archival processes therefore need to be kept under control, with a focus on optimization. And one area that can be improved is data optimization itself.

Long-term digital archives are becoming ever more important, especially for companies and organizations. But long-term storage technology is no longer comparable with normal data storage, and neither are the processes and workflows that need to be defined and followed to ensure traceability.

Along with storage space and accessibility, time is also an important factor: documents need to be uploaded and downloaded as quickly as possible. In short, bits, steps and seconds are money and each extra bit means extra costs.

“The main benefit of implementing the component from PDF Tools AG was the reduction of turnaround times and costs.

Processes have become faster and more reliable, and also enabled inbro to leverage their investment in cloud computing to be able to scale their business cheaply and effectively. ”

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Test our 3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer

The 3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer component serves the purpose of optimizing PDF documents specifically in preparation for certain applications such as web-based publication, data exchange or printing.

The PDF optimizer component is designed for developers - for every listed product there are free evaluation licenses available. You get 30 days to put them through their paces and test them under your operating conditions.

Success stories of our customers which implemented 3-Heights™ PDF Optimizer

We provide an extensive professional portfolio of components and solutions - specialized for a wide range of applications. We will be glad to answer your questions and provide all information you need in order to meet your requirements and offer the most suitable solution.

Here’s a tip for you: When you fill out the optional registration form to get your evaluation license you’ll receive free support directly from our developers.

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