OEM License Keys

What is special about an OEM license key?

The OEM licensee provides software for its customers. The software contains programming components from PDF Tools AG. To license these components the licensee requires an OEM key for each component. The OEM licensee needs only one key per product and platform, which he can use for all its customers.

OEM keys are not, as usual, installed in the system but are embedded in the OEM software and will be passed at runtime to the PDF components.

What does this mean for end users?

For end users, nothing will change. The key is programmatically passed by the OEM software to the PDF Tools component. This is done transparently for the end user. The OEM software must, therefore, not provide any additional infrastructure, such as the deployment of the license manager software. All information is contained in the license key. There is no need for an internet connection.

Does an OEM license expire?

Principally, licenses do not expire (evaluation licenses are an exception).

If a combination of productive software and the appropriate license key works once, then it will always work.

When is a new key required?

As soon as the maintenance of an OEM license is renewed, a new key is generated. This new key is valid for the new software versions which will be release during the maintenance period. Older keys are still valid and will continue to work for the product versions which they were created for.

What needs to be considered during the software installation?

For the installation, nothing will change. The handover of the key always happens at run time.


  • No additional DLLs or EXEs must be installed or registered.
  • No additional entries must be added to the registry.
  • No Internet connection is required.

How is the license key passed at run time?

Each API includes a "SetLicenseKey" function which must be called after the initialization of the application.

Example: PDF to PDF/A Converter API (C)
Pdf2PdfInitialize(); // Initialize must be called first
TPdf2Pdf* pConverter = Pdf2PdfCreateObject();
// Do something useful …

Example: PDF to PDF/A Converter API (C#)
Pdftools.Pdf2Pdf.Pdf2Pdf converter = new Pdftools.Pdf2Pdf.Pdf2Pdf();
// Do something useful …

Each shell tool accepts a switch –lk which receives the license key as its parameter.

Example: PDF to PDF/A Converter Shell
pdf2pdf.exe –lk “X-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX” input.pdf output.pdf