Season‘s Greetings 2011 from PDF Tools - The traditional chronicles of Swiss Christmas, Part 6

The traditional chronicles of Swiss Christmas, part 6

The Christmas Circus

I love going to the circus! The artists, the clowns, the atmosphere…. No matter how many times I have been, there’s always something new and exciting. And I’m always amazed.

So what do Christmas and circuses have in common? Well, here in Zurich it’s a seasonal tradition. The Circus Conelli for example is set up on a small half-island on the Limmat River in downtown Zurich. For over 30 years, they have been entertaining guests with their special Christmas program. And out by the airport, in November and December, you can see the tents from Salto Natale, a production of the Swiss National Circus now in its tenth year.

A Christmas Circus has special characteristics. Some of the world’s top artists are on display, since many international circuses have a break at this time. Performers include strong men who lift each other in unbelievable poses, trapeze and rope artists, jugglers, the lady with 50 hula-hoops, Chinese girls on unicycles who spin plates on long sticks while at the same time throwing objects across the floor and into bowls placed on each other’s heads (sounds impossible, but it’s true – I’ve seen it), acrobats and of course an endless variety of comedy acts.

The Christmas Circus experience is not limited to just the show. There is a second circus tent located beside the main one where guests are treated to a 4‑course, 5‑star menu beforehand. The dinner gala is not only popular for families and friends; many local businesses treat their employees to dinner and an evening at the circus at Christmas time. The galas are extremely popular and quickly booked out.

The circus show itself is simply unforgettable. There are acts for people of all ages, and the audience goes from being astounded one second to laughing so hard they have tears in their eyes the next. And just because you went last year is no reason to not go again – the shows have such a variety that no two years are alike.

So if you find yourself in the Zurich area near to Christmas, try to get tickets for one of the Christmas Circuses. And let us know, so we can go with you! It will be a most memorable evening!

All of us at PDF Tools AG wish you, your family, and your friends a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to working together with you again in 2012.

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