Season‘s Greetings 2009 from PDF Tools - The traditional chronicles of Swiss Christmas, Part 4

 The traditional chronicles of Swiss Christmas, Part 4 - Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

This year we would like to share with you a Christmas tradition that is very dear to us – Christmas cookies in Switzerland. Every country has special holiday sweets and treats, and Switzerland is no exception. Whether you make them yourself, buy a pre-made batter in a store, or just purchase the finished products, there is a large selection of cookies to tempt even the strongest of wills.

What will probably surprise you most is that Swiss Christmas cookies are … NOT chocolate cookies! Milk chocolate, which along with watches and Swiss army knives tops the list of our most famous exports, is not to be found in the cookies. Instead, almonds and hazelnuts form the basic ingredient for many of the baked goods, and there is relatively little sweet or sugary decoration. Only the Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars) have a white icing on top.

Some of the most popular cookies are: Mailänderli (a thin heart-shaped butter cookie), Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars – hazelnut and almond cookies shaped like a thick 6‑pointed star with the aforementioned icing), Brunsli (“brownies” – hazelnut and cacao, also shaped like a thick star or a four-leaf clover) and the famous Anischräbeli (anise scratchers, which are claw-shaped cookies that have a slight liquorice taste from the anise).

These can be extremely dangerous, since the harder they are, the better they are. If you don’t let them soften in your mouth before biting, you might be making an unexpected visit to the dentist.

In the office, in stores, at parties and at home you will usually find a plate full of different Christmas cookies set out for guests, visitors and for “internal” consumption. The plates don’t stay full for long though, and you can quickly determine which sorts are the favourites.

Whatever your taste is, if you visit Switzerland in December you will have countless opportunities to sample the Christmas cookies and decide which your own personal favourites are.

All of us at PDF Tools AG wish you, your family, and your friends a wonderful holiday season. We look forward to working together with you again in 2010.

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