Dr. Hans Bärfuss, Founder & CEO of PDF Tools AG

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Original source: PDF/A up to date 2010

Author: Dr. Hans Bärfuss

Publication: PDF/A up to date 2010

PDF/A for digital-born documents

Archiving MS-Office documents, emails and websites

When compared with the preservation of data in its original format, there are many advantages to archiving documents and data from digital sources into PDF/A. The source applications are rapidly being developed further. As a result of this, after only a few years, the readability and the authentic display of data can no longer be guaranteed. Furthermore, a company must maintain all of the applications that are used and all of the platforms on which they operate. This incurs considerable costs. Even for documents and files that are created digitally, PDF/A is an excellent choice for long-term archiving and comes with great advantages with regard to uniformity, searchability and cost-effectiveness.