Newsletter September 2014

There are thousands of ways to depict a bird. As I‘m not exactly artistically gifted when it comes to drawing, I decide to draw an egg. Now the question is: what does the egg contain? Is it a small, fluffy chick or a wrinkly, alien-like baby vulture that hatches? It‘s impossible to tell by just looking at the egg whether it‘s healthy or what it‘s going to turn into.

How can you ensure that your PDF or PDF/A document meets requirements and is ready to take flight? How do you make sure that a converter complies with standards and doesn‘t result in any unwanted surprises later on? We have put together a list of the  10 most important things  that you should know about PDF/A.

As part of a document process, it is important for companies to fulfill all essential requirements as comprehensively as possible, especially in terms of conformance and transparency. The document must contain all necessary information and use a format which is readable in the long term. At the latest, this should be checked when the document is transferred to the long-term archive.

Sections, processes and technical criteria must be completed and fulfilled to avoid any nasty surprises down the line and ensure that the solution is 100 % effective. You can use our 3‑Heights™ PDF Validator  to find out whether your PDF and PDF/A documents comply with ISO standards and to check their conformity.

Happy reading!

Success story j2 Global®, Hollywood, United States

“We did a lot of research for a product that would fill this need with the heavy loads we get in our fax traffic. The 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image Converter and the 3‑Heights™ Image to PDF Converter were the only solid solutions we found that allowed us to develop this core service. We are very pleased with the outcome and everything is running efficiently.”

Bud Hartel, Engineering Manager, j2 Global®

On-the-fly image conversion at j2 Global’s® cloud services with the 3‑Heights™ PDF to Image & 
Image to PDF Converter.

Success story IWCO Direct LLC/Mail-Gard, Warminster, United States

“PDF Tools AG gives us the flexibility and efficiency to split, merge, and modify PDF documents, while maintaining critical data integrity.”

Brian J. Murphy, Operations Director,

Read the full story about how Mail-Gard efficiently processes existing PDFs using the PDF Command Line Suite  without making any other changes to existing infrastructure.

October 8–10, 2014
Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Logicare AG, Switzerland
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3-Heights™ Document Converter

woobe s.a.s., France
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3‑Heights™ PDF Viewer
3‑Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter 
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3‑Heights™ PDF Validator

Wirecard Technologies GmbH, Germany
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3‑Heights™ PDF Printer

Nippon Express USA, United States
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3‑Heights™ PDF Analysis & Repair